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How do I register Aldelo for Restaurants?


How do I register Aldelo for Restaurants?


The newest versions of Aldelo For Restaurants uses a DRM program to register and activate the software. After Aldelo POS and EPS are installed, open the DRM End Point. You'll want to go the manage section and make sure the DRM service is installed and running. Once its running, click the Activate button and it will prompt for a license key. If the license isn't already registered to an existing company profile, it will then prompt for company information for registering that license. Company information entered here cannot be changed once entered without placing a request with the manufacture (fees may be included). After accepting that information, the software will verify and register the license.

NOTE: The below information is for the outdated Non-DRM version of Aldelo


To register Aldelo, open the Back Office of Aldelo, click Help, then click Update Product Registration.


You will be prompted to enter your Serial Number and restaurant information. The serial number will be provided by POSGuys.com (you may also find it on your product packaging), and be in the form of a 12-digit number, separated into three groups (e.g. 1234-2345-3456).


After you have entered the necessary information -- be careful to enter your restaurant name accurately, as there is no way to change this once the software has been registered -- you will need to contact Aldelo to complete the activation process, either via telephone or e-mail. Both the phone number and e-mail address for Aldelo's support department are displayed below the Dynamic License Number; it is recommended to contact Aldelo by telephone, as the response time will be much faster. Aldelo will guide you through the final steps of the activation process.

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