FAQ# 2144: How do I configure an Epson Ethernet receipt printer on a MAC system?


How do I configure an Epson Ethernet receipt printer on a MAC system?


In order to configure an Ethernet enabled receipt printer, the printer will need to be properly plugged into a router or switch. Once that is done, and the device is powered on, you will want to download the Epson Ethernet Configuration Utility for MAC operating systems.

Once you download the configuration utility, and it has been properly installed, you will want to open it. Upon opening the software, it should automatically begin searching your network for the printer.

If the software is able to locate the printer, you will want to set the IP address of the printer to an IP address listed within the range of your network settings (In most cases, the IP range will be from Once you have found an appropriate IP address available on your network, you will want to then set the IP address to the printer.

After that is finished, install the printer driver, and select Ethernet as the option for interface. Input the IP that was set to the printer, and complete installation. You should now be able to use your Epson printer on your network, via a MAC computer.

If you are still having issues, we recommend giving the manufacturer a call for further MAC setup help. They can be reached at 562-276-1314.

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