FAQ# 2147: Why is my wireless scanner not charging?


Why is my wireless scanner not charging?


In most cases, if the device is not charging, it can usually be traced back to the cradle or the battery of the device. Some simple steps can be taken to see if it may be one of the aforementioned issues. First check the cradle and see if it is powered on. If not, double check the power connection to the cradle (or USB cable that leads to the computer). If the cradle appears to have power, you may want to take out the battery of the device (you can usually find a small cover on the bottom of the handle of the scanner, where the battery is located) and reseat it. Then place the scanner back on the cradle.

If the previous steps have been followed, and the device still fails to power on, there is one more thing you can check (for USB powered scanner cradles).

  • On the Windows operating system, you will want to navigate to Power Options which can be found in Control Panel.
  • Once you have Power Options opened, select Change Plan Settings to the right of Balanced for the power plan. Then select Change Advanced Power Settings.
  • In the next window that opens up, find the USB Settings option, and click on the + sign next to it, and again with USB Selective Suspend Setting. You will want to disable this setting which will prevent the system from shutting off power to the USB ports to conserve power, which can prevent your scanner from charging or transmitting data.

If issues are still occuring, you may want to email POSGuys.com Technical Support at SUPPORT@POSGUYS.COM or you can call us at 800-903-6571 ext 302.

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