FAQ# 2196: How do I remove certain beeps or tones from my Datalogic Heron?


How do I remove certain beeps or tones from my Datalogic Heron?


Follow the steps below to configure the tones or 'Jingles' on the Datalogic Heron

  • Download Datalogics Aladdin Configuration Software
  • Unzip and install the software
  • Open Aladdin
  • Make sure the scanner is plugged in
  • Select Device Autodetection
Aladdin Software
  • Choose Search On Connection
  • Scan the barcode on the screen
  • Wait until the scanner shows up in the Device Found area and click 'Click To Configure'
Scanner Connect
  • Expand the Reading Parameters
  • Select Audio Settings
  • Change the dropdown for the Audio Jingle Enabled to 'Enabled'
Audio Settings
  • Click the musical note symbol on the top right of the screen to bring up the Jingle list
  • A list of .wav files will be shown, check the left most column and note the numbers assigned there
  • The number is the value assigned to that tone. To remove the tone, choose a number not on the list
Jingle List
  • Close the Jingle window and enter your chosen number into the index field for the sound you want to silence
  • After the values are entered, click Write Configuration
Jingle Configuration
Once complete, test the scanner and then close the Aladdin software

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