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FAQ# 2256: How do I turn the beep off on my PAX S300?


How do I turn the beep off on my PAX S300?


Follow the steps below to change the audio settings on your PAX S300 device:

  • Select Menu (or press FUNC and 1 keys together)
  • Type in the password (contact your processor or POS vendor if you don't know it).
  • Select Operations or press the 3 key
  • Select Buzzer Setup

The options available with allow you to turn certain beeps on or off on the device. Select the desired setting and press the green Enter key to accept them.

  • Key Tone: Beeps when a key is pressed
  • Swipe Tone: Beeps when a card is swiped
  • Card Remove Beep: Beeps when it is ready for the chip card to be removed

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