FAQ# 2320: Is BarTender Basic (2016) still available?


Is BarTender Basic (2016) still available?


Unfortunately, with the release of BarTender's 2019 suite of products, the previous versions have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase. That being said, there are two options for those still wanting the Basic 2016 experience. First of all, there is a Free version of BarTender available now, that has many of the features you would expect from the previous Basic version. Though many functions are locked down and only usable through the other versions, for those wanting to test out the software or keep it simple this could be a great option. Secondly, should you really wish for the full 2016 version, there is a process by which you can downgrade the software back a step. If the current Professional version of BarTender 2019 is purchased with at least two printer licenses, you can transition back, with SeaGull's help, to the 2016 version. This is not recommended, as the advances made in the 2019 suite provide more power, more options, and more tools than previous versions, and so we highly suggest taking a step forward.

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