FAQ# 964: Why is my Honeywell barcode scanner not sending any data to the PC? Why is it not entering items automatically when I scan them?


Why is my Honeywell barcode scanner not sending any data to the PC? Why is it not entering items automatically when I scan them?


If your brand new Honeywell barcode scanner is not transmitting data to your PC, it is likely that it is misconfigured. While the scanner should be configured for the correct interface type out of the box, sometimes it is necessary to specify the correct interface before the scanner will function correctly. Please reference the Honeywell barcode scanner manual for the 1300g scanner. While the guide is for the 1300g, the barcodes in it apply to all modern Honeywell scanners. (Older scanners, e.g. the Voyager 9500, 3800g, etc. use their own distinct guides.) For a standard USB barcode scanner, scan USB HID Barcode Scanner from page 2-6. For other interfaces, scan the relevant barcodes within chapter 2. If you do not know which barcode to scan, please contact our support staff at 1-800-903-6571 before proceeding, as scanning the wrong interface can sometimes complicate the configuration process.

If your Honeywell barcode scanner is scanning products, but they are not being entered automatically in your software, instead requiring that you click a button or press Enter on your keyboard, it is likely that your scanner needs to be configured with a carriage return/Enter key suffix. (Some software will require specific key combinations rather than an Enter key suffix; if configuring the Enter key suffix does not help your situation, please contact our support department, and we will attempt to find a solution.) To configure a carriage return suffix, scan the Add CR Suffix barcode from page 7 in the Honeywell barcode scanner quickstart guide. (Again, though this guide is for the 1300g, it should work with all modern Honeywell scanners.)

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