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Why is my keyboard wedge (PS/2) barcode scanner not being detected?


Why is my keyboard wedge (PS/2) barcode scanner not being detected?


There are two common reasons for a keyboard wedge (PS/2) scanner not to be detected. The first is misconfiguration of the scanner: If the scanner is not configured in PS/2 mode, it will not be recognized correctly by the computer. You can scan the correct interface configuration from the relevant barcode scanner manual in this case. If you have difficulty finding the manual, or are unsure of which barcode to scan, please contact POSGuys.com technical support at 1-800-903-6571 for assistance.

The second cause is the lack of a PS/2 device plugged into the input terminal of the keyboard wedge cable. Keyboard wedge cables have three connectors: One connector plugs into the barcode scanner, one plugs into the PS/2 port of the computer, and the final port is a female PS/2 terminal through which a PS/2 keyboard must be connected. In the absence of a PS/2 keyboard, a PS/2 terminator can be used. (Note that PS/2 terminators are quite difficult to find, these days!) If this female PS/2 terminal is left empty, a keyboard wedge barcode scanner will typically fail to operate correctly.

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