Zebra DS3608

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DS3608 Industrial Barcode Scanner

This product replaces the older Motorola DS3508.

The new Zebra DS3608 Ultra Rugged 2D imager enables data collection to take place in some of the most unforgiving environments.

With the ability to withstand temperatures as cold as -22° F, drops from 8' to concrete and full submersion up to 30 minutes, the Ultra Rugged DS3608 2D imager is in a class of it's own. Ideal for warehouse and manufacturing floors, the housing of the DS3608 was built tough to limit down time of the powerful 2D scan engines that can easily read barcodes from near contact to over 5' away on the Standard Range model. Understanding that every work place is different, Zebra is offering multiple scan engine options to ensure the optimal use and highest value for a rugged 2D imager on the market today.

Zebra offers device management with 123Scan. 123Scan allow you to remotely upgrade your firmware, format data and monitor PowerPrecision+ battery health and stats. This is a free service offered by Zebra.

    Scan Engine Options
  • SR - Standard Range - Near Contact to 1.5m (5ft)
  • HP - High Performance - OCR and Near Contact to 2.1m (7ft)
  • HD - High Density - 3mil Codes
  • DP - Direct Parts
  • ER - Extended Range - Near Contact to 21.4m (70ft)**
    Rugged Features
  • Operating Temp from -22° F to 122° F
  • Multiple 8' drops to concrete
  • Up to 5,000 3.3ft tumbles
  • IP65 (IP67 on some options)
  • Full Submersion up to 30min
** The Extended Range and DP scan engines will not be available until late in 2016.
Product Specifications
Dimensions 7.3 in. H x 3.0 in. W x 5.2 in. D
18.5 cm H x 7.6 cm W x 13.2 cm D
Weight 10.8 oz.
305 g
Color Industrial Green
Scan Method 2D Area Imager
Decoding Capabilities All: 1D and 2D Barcodes
HP: OCR Fonts
Indicators Direct decode indicator
Operating Temperature -22° F to 122° F
-30° C to 50° C
Storage Temperature -40° F to 158° F
-40° C to 70° C
Drop Specification Withstands multiple 8.0 ft. / 2.4 m drops to concrete
Environmental Sealing IP65/IP67
Humidity 5% to 95% condensing
Tumble Specification 5,000 tumbles @ 3.3 ft. (1 m)
Print Contrast (Min) 15% minimum reflective difference
Warranty 3 Years

Zebra DS3608 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Feb 2017: Manufacturing and warehousing operations should really take notice of this ultra rugged barcode scanner, it truly is tough. Our internal testing ran it over with a car, smashed it on concrete, lit it on fire, froze it, soaked it in a bucket and this scanner just kept on scanning. The lower cost SR version was our favorite, in most setups it did everything we asked it to do. The HP version is nice, but the higher cost isn't worth it unless you need a very bright reticle system.

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Product Video Transcript

Zebra 3600 Performance Test Video

Hi, Travis from POSGuys.com. This is the performance video for the Rhino line of barcode scanners, the 3600 series. We also have a durability test that shows how tough the scanners are, but this is going to be focused on barcode scanning, this is going to show the range, what type of barcodes it can scan, under what conditions it can scan, and the differences between the different scan engines. There's three versions of the scanner, the linear image version is a 1D barcode scanner, so you get the single line, so you can scan 1D barcodes pretty easily, but your 2D barcodes it can't scan, it's just not part of it. The upgrade for that is the SR version, so you get a field of light with a dot, and then when you scan, you can scan at any angle, and you can scan 1D and 2D barcodes. The upgrade for that is the high-performance version, so it's a white light with a laser reticle, this makes aiming a little easier, and you can scan barcodes of all types and all sizes.

So when scanning barcodes, you can of course scan regular type barcodes fairly easily. We also printed some very tiny 3 mil barcodes, so it has the ability to read these 3 mil barcodes, but if you really want to scan the barcodes easily, then the 2D versions are much more adept at getting the small barcodes. You can get close, and you can back out pretty good. So that's about 6 inches away on the very small 3 mil barcode.

The HP goes a step further, not only can you get the small barcodes from further away, but it scans kind of fuzzy barcodes even better. So here's a picture of a printer printing a barcode, and it can read that no problem, and then on the back there's an even smaller picture of a printer printing barcodes.

So we also did some barcode inception here. So we took a picture of the label that the scanner comes in, and it scans all the barcodes just fine, both the linear version and the 2D versions. The linear version doesn't quite scan the part number one, that one's a little fuzzier. And then what we did is we took a picture of the picture, and then we checked to see what we could still scan. So the linear version gets the bottom two, high performance gets the top 3. And just for the heck of it, we took a picture of the picture of the picture, so as you can see, it's very blurry, it's barely there, it's very faded. What this represents is kind of a warn out barcode, one that's been sitting in the sun for a number of months, they kind of look like that where they're really hard to read. And your high performance still reads the bottom two barcodes just fine, it's not quite able to read the top barcodes, but your less dense, big barcodes, it reads just fine. The linear imager version also can get that one barcode that is pretty legible.

The 3600 scans well in normal conditions of course, but also in bright light, so if you're scanning in a warehouse or in sunlight, then it also reads just fine. Without seeing the reticle, you can still kind of point and shoot. We printed this on a flashy media that normally is a lot harder for scanners to read because of the reflection, but as you can see it reads just fine, no matter what angle we angle the barcode at.

I'm going to show the range test. Right now I'm doing the SR version, and you can go back about 20 feet, but one thing to note about the bright red reticle on a red light, it's a little difficult to see at range, it's hard to find the center. Here we have the HP, which is a white light with red crosshairs, that is a lot easier to see at range, you're kind of looking for the brightest point where the two crosshairs meet, and you just put that right on the barcode and it's pretty easy to scan, you can go back a bit further, in this video I was able to go back 3 or 4 feet, maybe 5 feet more, a lot easier to line up though. Lastly we have the LI version of it, this is really quick scanner range, because it's just a single beam, so as soon as the barcode is read, you basically get the scan on it. The scan engine itself isn't quite as bright, so you kind of have some concerns that way, but overalll it's pretty good at scanning from range. Lastly we're going to give an alternative view, this is me walking backwards so you can kind of see how far I'm able to get. Definitely you have enough range if you're scanning a high shelf and you have a large barcode or if you're scanning from a forklift or something like that.

Overall the Rhino scans as well as any scanner we've had. The HP performance is particularly good, but it does cost a bit more, so the SR 2D is probably our favorite version of the scanner. The LI does very well for a 1D scanner, but in a warehouse environment, we recommend going with a 2D scanner, it just makes it a lot easier where you don't have to line up barcodes and you also get that ability to scan 2D barcodes should your warehouse shift over to using them. For more information on the Rhino line, or to view additional videos including our durability video, please visit us at POSGuys.com. Thanks!

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Zebra Cable, Shielded 7' USB A Straight Cable
3 Year Zebra One Care Essential Comprehensive Coverage for DS3608 - Must be purchased within 30 Days
3 Year Zebra One Care Select Comprehensive Coverage for DS3608 - Must be purchased within 30 Days
Standard Cradle Power Supply, Level VI AC/DC Power Supply Wall Adapter, w/Captive DC cable and US Adapter Clip AC Input: 100-240V, 0.2A DC Output: 5.2V, 1.1A, 5.7W (Standard Cradle Only)
RS232 Scanner Kit, includes interface cable and power supply