DataLogic QuickScan 2130

DataLogic QuickScan 2130

The DataLogic QuickScan 2130 is an entry-level scanner, optimal for use in certain environments. Directly from the DataLogic website, "The QuickScan [2130] linear imaging reader is an entry level product that is perfect for use in retail and office environments plus activities associated with couriers and postal services."

The scanner is a light-weight, ergonomic linear imager, which provides the ability to scan for long periods without your hand getting uncomfortable. The scanner can read barcodes as small as 4 mil, and is able to read a wide range of symbologies, including the majority of 1D barcodes, as well as GS1 Databar codes.

The QuickScan 2130 uses DataLogic's, "exclusive patented Green Spot" technology, which makes scanning barcodes effortless. There is an auto-sense stand available for the QuickScan 2130 which, once set in the stand, leaves the Green Spot on for rapid and instinctual scans. This reduces operator errors, increasing efficiency with drastically improved scan accuracy.

This scanner was built with cost-efficiency in mind. Over the life of the scanner, this reduces the maintenance costs significantly for any business. With a drop spec of nearly 5 feet, and an IP42 seal, the scanner is protected against bumps and minor drops, as well as dirt and splashes of water.

Overall, the QuickScan 2130 is an effective, and affordable scanner for any 1D scan operations. It's available in both USB and PS/2 (Keyboard Wedge) interfaces, and has a low lifetime cost-of-ownership. From warehouses and business offices, to small retail and airline ticketing, this capable scanner is able to meet your needs.

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