Epson TM-T88V

Epson TM-T88VThe Epson TM-T88V is the premier receipt printer on the market. A top print speed of nearly a foot per second is one of the fastest around, making this a great choice for any retailer or restaurant printing longer receipts or many receipts over the course of a work day.

The TM-T88V uses Epson's ESC/POS emulation, meaning you can drop it in to replace an older TM-T88 printer, increasing speed and eliminating downtime. All models come with USB, plus Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, or even Wireless interfaces, great if you want to upgrade your setup at a later date.

Energy efficiency is fantastic with the TM-T88V. Sporting EnergyStar compliance, the TM-T88V uses less electricity than comparably equipped printers. For additional savings, the TM-T88V can reduce paper usage, further saving you money and minimizing your ecological impact.

The TM-T88V is built to provide the long lasting reliability you need at your business. Epson designed the TM-T88V's cover to protect against foreign objects, holding up to employee use and abuse. The autocutter is rated at 2 million cuts, a tremendously long time for printers. It comes with a 4 year warranty standard, ensuring peace of mind for a great investment.

The speed, efficiency, and reliability of the TM-T88V puts it at home in high volume retail or restaurant environments, such as department stores, fine dining, or fast food restaurants.

Suggested Models

TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with USB, Parallel Interfaces, Power Supply Included
TM-T88V Receipt Printer, Dark Gray with USB, Ethernet Interfaces, Power Supply Included It has been replaced by 1140884

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