Motorola LI2208

Motorola LI2208The Motorola LI2208 is a top barcode scanner and the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. Great features including a durable design and fast scan engine put the LI2208 at home in virtually any retail, office inventory, or light industrial data capture environment.

As a linear imager, the LI2208 offers greater scanning capabilities over laser scanners. The fast scanner can read barcodes as small as 3 mil, such as those on hardware in the manufacture process. The LI2208 can also read from LCD screens, great for mobile ticketing, couponing, or customer loyalty applications. For standard retail barcodes, the LI2208 has a near 3-foot depth of field, meaning you can get successful scans with little to no effort or training.

An auto-sense stand is available for the LI2208, allowing you to have both hands-free and handheld scanning in one product. The LI2208 also supports an "Auto aim" mode, which leaves the beam on, only scanning when you pull the trigger. This improves accuracy dramatically, fantastic when scanning closely populated barcodes such as on an item list.

The LI2208 was designed for retail scanning, such as in department stores or boutiques, but Motorola built it to handle much more than that. A single-board design provides added durability, allowing it to survive six-foot drops to concrete. Gasket sealing gives the LI2208 an IP42 seal, meaning dirt and water splashes won't harm internal components. The scanner also ships with a five year warranty, providing for a long-lasting return on investment.

All together, the LI2208 is great in any location you might need to scan 1D barcodes. From gym ID scanning, retail scanning, to mobile ticketing and hotel check in, this elegant scanner will handle your needs with ease.

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LI2208 Barcode Scanner, Black with Interface Cable, USB Interface
LI2208 Barcode Scanner, Black with Auto-sense Stand, Interface Cable, USB Interface

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