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POSGuys.com Fixed-Terminal Inventory Tracking Kit

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Fixed-Terminal Inventory Tracking Kit Inventory & Asset Control Systems

This product replaces the older POSGuys.com PA500 Kit.

Effectively tracking your inventory is key to running a successful retail business. Doing this work with pen and paper or an Excel sheet is time-consuming and prone to clerical errors. Moving to a digital system can alleviates both these issues - saving your business time AND money. This kit includes all the basic equipment and software you'll need to quickly label, inventory, and track your incoming and outgoing stock. A full year of free technical support means that no matter what issue you run into, you have the peace of mind knowing that POSGuys will get you up and running in no time.

The Proxis Stock Manager Inventory Control Kits Includes:

  • Single-Station License of Stock Manager Inventory Control Software
  • 4" Wide Zebra USB Label Printer
  • Started Roll of Labels
  • 2D USB Barcode Scanner
  • 15" Windows Touch Computer i3/4GB RAM (Optional Add-On)
  • 1-Year Free Telephone Support

  • With the Proxis Stock Manager software, you'll have the ability to:

    • Print Barcodes from any Desktop
    • Automate Physical Counts
    • Price, Cost, & SLP Lookups
    • Vendor & Location Lookups
    • Add, Subtract & Count Inventory
    • Add New Items
    • Edit Item Information
    • Change Item Location
    • Built-in Reports
    • Import and Export Capabilities

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