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Keychain Synch Inventory Software

Proxis Software's Keychain Synch Software provides an easy-to-use method to collect barcode data. Designed for use with the Symbol CS3070 or Opticon OPN2004, Keychain Synch Software saves the decoded barcode data and date-time stamp from your scanner and saves it in a comma separated value (CSV) file. New features in Version 2:
  • Combine scans to make a quantity field
  • Download the scanner automatically when plugged in
  • Use the Device's unique ID as data folder and/or data file name
  • Send data via Email automatically
  • Send data via FTP automatically
  • Data File naming options
Custom Re-branding service are available to add your company's name and logo to the software and its icons.

Please note that Proxis Software Keychain Synch requires the Opticon OPN 2004 or Symbol CS3070 to work properly.

    All Compatible Scanners
  • CS1504 *
  • CS3000
  • CS3070
  • CS4070
  • OPN2001 *
  • OPN2002 *
  • OPN2003
  • OPN2004
* These products are no longer available.

*Not compatible with Windows11

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