Barcode Label Printing and Design

Basic Package:

Barcode label with number below.
Code 3 of 9.
Consecutive Numbers.
$50.00 Per run.

Custom Package:

Up to one hour design & custom set-up.
Any symbology.
One proof emailed or mailed to you.
$50.00 Design and set-up fee.
$50.00 Per run.


Number of labels: (Minimun Order: 1000 labels)

Additional Info:

Select a label size and type (Price is per label):

Width Height Direct 2000 TransMatte 2000 PolyPro Z-Ultimate
1.25" 0.25" x x x
1.50" 0.50" x x x
1.50" 1.00" x x
2.00" 0.50" x x x
2.00" 1.00" x x
2.00" 1.25" x x x
2.00" 4.00" x x x
2.25" 1.25" x x
2.50" 2.50" x x
2.25" 4.00" x x
2.75" 1.25" x x x
3.00" 1.00"
3.00" 2.00" x x x
3.25" 5.50" x x x
4.00" 4.00" x x
4.00" 6.00" x


Direct 2000:
A smooth, bright white, direct thermal labelstock which produces high-contrast, black, visible light images. Its all-temperature, permanent, acrylic-based adhesive is excellent for freezer grade materials. The thermal sensitive topcoating ensures maximum printhead life and protects the label from harsh environmental conditions. (back)

TransMatte 2000:
A bright white, ultra-smooth, matte coated facestock, specially coated for use with Zebra Wax and Wax/Resin ribbons. Its general purpose, permanent, acrylic-based adhesive offers high initial tack and adhesion on corrugated packaging. (back)

PolyPro 2000:
A matte topcoated, biaxially-oriented, white polypropylene labelstock. Its high-quality, permanent, acrylic-based adhesive offers superior performance, meets FDA 175.105 and is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces and temperature ranges.  (back)

A topcoated white polyester labelstock with excellent print quality. The high-strength, permanent, acrylic-based adhesive offers superior strength and adhesion for a wide variety of surfaces. Z-Ultimate is UL Recognized for Indoor and Outdoor use.  (back)

Additional fees may apply for data-sourcing and other advanced features.

We have two label printing packages. The Basic Package gives you simple, consecutively numbered, all-purpose labels. The Custom Package allows you to design your own label. You can customize the label by adding your logo, store name, department or images.

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