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Honeywell Captuvo SL62 for iPad

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Captuvo SL62 Mobile Barcode Scanner for iPad

The Honeywell Captuvo SL62 for iPad has reached end of life.

The Honeywell Captuvo SL62 sled converts your iPad Mini into a terrific data capture solution. With a great combination of features and durability, the Captuvo SL62 is fantastic for mobile POS, line busting, payment processing or inventory management applications.

Having a variety of options available means you can customize your purchase to fit what you need. With some models featuring Honeywell's Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0 scanner, the Captuvo SL62 can read virtually any barcode quickly and accurately. Compared to the iPad's built-in camera, the Captuvo makes data capture faster than ever. And with EasyDL, you can parse ID card barcodes for easy, error-free credit applications, healthcare admitting, and more. Other models available include an integrated magnetic card reader, allowing you to incorporate mobile POS or line busting at your business.

A removable 1150 mAh Lithium Ion battery in the Captuvo SL62 provides power for the built-in scanner and can also be used to extend the battery life of your iPad. Charging and synchronization occur over the mini USB port, allowing you to keep the iPad Mini secure in the sled.

Honeywell built the Captuvo SL62 to provide some extra protection for your iPad. The protective housing sports an IP30 seal, keeping some dust and dirt from harming internal components. The sled can also withstand 4-foot drops to concrete, meaning accidental drops or bumps won't slow you down. A 1-year warranty is standard, with additional Honeywell support contracts available, ensuring the Captuvo SL62 will your business years of reliable service.

  • Supports Apple iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina display
  • Micro USB port for device charging and synchronization
  • Optional Adaptus 6.0 Imager with optional EasyDL license parsing built-in
  • Optional MSR Reader
  • Withstands 4-foot drops to concrete
  • 1-year warranty

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