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SF61B Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Intermec SF61B has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Honeywell Voyager 1602g.

This product replaces the older Intermec SF51.

The Intermec SF61B barcode scanner provides a tremendous combination of durability and mobility, able to survive incredibly rough environments. This powerful scanner is at home in shipping, cold storage, and medical scanning environments.

Available with a 1D imager or 2D area imager, the SF61B has a model suited for your needs. Retail barcodes can be read from up to 15 inches away, making it easy to get quick reads. Barcodes are read incredibly quickly with the SF61B: the 1D model has a 200 scan per second speed, while the 2D models have up to 500 inch per second motion tolerance. In high stakes environments, where even the slightest delay can cause problems, the Intermec SF61B will keep your operations running smoothly.

A Bluetooth Class 1 radio in the SF61B provides connectivity to your mobile hosts. The scanner can pair with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, allowing you to set the scanner up with a variety of devices. With up to 325-feet radio range, the SF61B can stay in contact virtually anywhere. Charging can occur via the universal power supply or your choice of USB charging bay, standalone charge cradles, or multi-bay charging stations. Depending on your installation needs, there's a way to keep your scanner or scanners powered up and ready to go.

Intermec is well known for creating hardened industrial equipment, and the SF61B is no exception. This scanner sports an IP65 seal, meaning it's completely sealed against dust and low pressure jets of water. Rugged overmolding and rubberized features protect the scanner from 6.5-foot drops to concrete, greatly extending its lifespan. A health care model is available, built with plastics that hold up to chemical cleaners, great for patient-side scanning and more. The SF61B is available with a magnet-clip or ring-hook to attach to a lanyard, belt clip, or shoulder strap, great when your employees need both hands free. A three year warranty is standard, making the Intermec SF61B a smart investment for demanding environments.

  • Linear Imager, 2D Imager models available
  • Up to 16" depth of field for retail barcodes
  • 325-foot Bluetooth range, line of sight
  • Configurable haptic feedback (vibrator)
  • Supports Windows, iOS, Android
  • Withstands 6.5-foot drops to concrete
  • 3-year warranty

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Belt Clip Holder
SF61B Replacement Magnet End-Cap & Belt Loop
SF61B Charging Cradle, Single Bay, Requires Power Supply and Line Cord
Intermec Universal Power Supply, Line Cord Not Included
SF61B Chest Strap Holder, For use with Magnet End Cap

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