Zebra MT2000

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MT2000 Mobile Barcode Scanner

The Zebra MT2000 has reached end of life.

This product replaces the older Symbol P360/460 Memory Scanner.

The Zebra MT2000 mobile computer series provides a two-in-one solution for businesses needing both cordless barcode scanning and mobile data collection. Software preinstalled on the MT2000 allows you to scan individual barcodes, sending them to the PC automatically, or scan batches of barcodes, transmitting data only when you tell it to. The MT2000 can communicate via Bluetooth, Charging/Communications Cradle, optional 802.11b/g WiFi, or even direct through a USB interface cable, giving you greater options than standard cordless or batch scanners.

Designed with a barcode scanner body and mobile computer internals, the MT2000 features an ergonomic design that makes long barcode scanning sessions a snap. The mobile computer comes with a 1D laser scanner, standard 2D imager, or high density 2D imager, lending it to use not only in retail environments but also shipping/receiving or other logistical applications.

Built with Zebra's high standard of durability, the MT2000 is strong enough to survive drops of 6-feet to concrete, promoting longevity even in clumsy hands. An IP54 seal protects the internals from windblown dust and splashes of water, so the MT2000 is just at home in a warehouse or garden store as it is in general retail environments. And with Service From the Start support, the MT2000 mobile computer is covered even if it succumbs to the environment.

  • Windows CE Core 5.0
  • 312MHz Intel PXA270 Processor
  • 64 MB RAM, 64 MB Flash ROM
  • Withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
  • The Zebra MT2000 was previously known as the Motorola MT2000.

    Charging Note: The - does NOT come with any charging equipment. USB cables, charging docks, and power supplies must be purchased separately. See Accessories for all your charging needs.
    Product Specifications
    Weight 13.5 oz (378 g)
    Dimensions 7.8H x 3.1W x 5D in (198 x 78 x 127 mm)
    Operating System Windows CE 5.0 Core
    Processor 312 MHz Intel XScale PXA270
    Memory 64 MB RAM, 64 MB Flash ROM
    Screen 320 x 240 (QVGA)
    Seal Specification IP54
    Battery 3.7 V 2400 mAh Li-ion
    Interface USB, Bluetooth, optional 802.11a/b/g
    Operating Temperature -4° to 122° F
    Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
    Drop Specification Withstands 6-foot drops to concrete
    Keyboard 21-key numeric and shifted alpha
    Scan Method 1D Laser Scanner, Standard Range 2D Imager, or High Density 2D Imager
    Color Options Twilight Black

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    MT2000 Single Slot Charging Cradle, No Bluetooth Communications USB Interface (Power, Interface Cables Not Included)
    MT2000 Single Slot Charging Cradle, Bluetooth, Multi-Interface (Power, Interface Cables Not Included)
    MT2000 Single Slot Charging Cradle Kit, No Bluetooth Communications USB Interface. Includes Single slot cradle with USB Active Sync (STB2000-C10007R), Power Supply (KT-14000-148R), US AC line cord (23844-00-00R). USB Active Sync cable sold separately
    MT2000 Single Slot Charging Cradle Kit, Bluetooth, Multi-Interface. Includes Bluetooth cradle (STB2078-C10007WR), Pwr Sply (50-14000-148R), US AC line cord (23844-00-00R). USB, RS232, and kybd wedge comm cables sold separately
    MT2000 Four slot charging cradle, includes spare battery charger
    Power Supply, Requires AC Line Cord, This has been replaced by PWRS-14000-148R
    Please Call
    MT2000 Replacement Battery (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
    Belt/Pants Scanner Holster
    7-Foot RS232 Cable, Standard DB9 Female TxD on 2, Straight (Requires Power Supply)
    7-Foot PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Cable (Compatible with the LS3008, LS3578, MT2000, DS6878, and DS4208 barcode scanners.)
    USB Interface Cable (Original Part)
    7.5ft. AC Line Cord, For Use with PWRS-14000-148R and PWR-BGA12V50W0WW
    7.5ft. DC Cable For Use with Power Supply Brick PWR-BGA12V50W0WW

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