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Socket CF Mag Stripe Reader Card

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CF Mag Stripe Reader Card Mobile Computers

The Socket CF Mag Stripe Reader Card has reached end of life.

Perfect for the outdoor retailer, kiosk sales, route sales, and busy retail floors, the CF Mag Stripe Reader inserted in a PDA reads credit cards and can perform authorizations wirelessly when the PDA is connected to a wireless or cellular network.

How it works: simply plug the CF Mag Stripe Reader Card into the Type I or Type II CompactFlash card slot on your PDA or Tablet PC - the card reader draws power from the mobile computer - minus the bulky external power supply! Equipped with a bi-directional swiping channel and 1-2-3 track reading capability, the card reader offers flexibility for other applications too; scan ID cards for security purposes or use for time and attendance or membership tracking.

The included SocketScan software translates scanned data to the pc and allows programming changes to the card reader's beep tone/length and helps customize data translation.

Socket CF Mag Stripe Reader Card Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

An innovation for mobile sales forces or the kiosk retailer, the Socket CF is an inexpensive way to process credit card transactions in the field - all you need is a CompactFlash enabled PDA with Internet service. But keep track of it; the small mobile payment device is easily misplaced when not plugged in to the PC or PDA.

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