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Socket CompactFlash Scan Card

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CompactFlash Scan Card Mobile Computers

The Socket CompactFlash Scan Card has reached end of life.

Turn any Pocket PC, tablet or notebook PC into a wireless scanner with the Socket CompactFlash Scan Card. This tiny device simply plugs right in to the compact flash slot of any Windows Mobile or Windows XP computer for an instant data collection solution.

Scan barcoded inventory and labels for a variety of applications quickly and easily without costly or cumbersome barcode equipment.

    Standard Models Include:
  • CF Scan Card 5P:
      Performance Scanner with Class 2 Laser
  • CF Scan Card 5M:
      Mid-range Scanner with Class 1 Laser
  • CF Scan Card 5E:
      Entry-level Linear Imager with CMOS technology
Both the 5P and 5M Compact Flash Scan Cards utilize Symbol Technologies' trusted laser scan engine for superior reliability and performance. All Socket CF Card scanners support 18 standard barcode symbologies and draw power only from the mobile PC for a truly wireless experience.

See the Advanced Tab for the Socket 2-D Scan Cards, capable of scanning both 1-D and 2-D barcodes. The 2-D models also feature VGA image capture.

Socket CompactFlash Scan Card Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

With a wide range of models available, Socket's CompactFlash Scan Card runs the gamut for mobile data collection. Keep in mind, though, that these small scan cards are not at all ruggedized, and therefore not suitable for industrial scanning. Be prepared to replace it if you drop it on a hard surface or expose it to harsh environmental conditions..

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