Zebra TC8300

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Android 8.1

TC8300 Mobile Computers

This product replaces the older Zebra TC8000 .

We took the TC8000, the world’s most revolutionary enterprise touch computer design, and made it better. The next generation TC8300 delivers the same innovative ergonomic design that minimizes motion to deliver a 14 percent boost in worker productivity — and the ultimate Android platform for business. The ultimate in processing power and memory gives your workers the lightning-fast application performance they expect. The latest in WiFi and Bluetooth technology provides your workers with the fastest and most dependable wireless device and peripheral connections, maximizing availability — and value. Comprehensive data capture options let you capture it all — barcodes, direct part marks, entire forms and more. And when it comes to Android, the TC8300 simplifies every aspect of deploying Android in your warehouse — including migration and security as well as control over updates and Google Mobile Services.

  • Android for instant familiarity
  • Maximum power for maximum application performance
  • Instantly migrate your TE apps to Android, right out of the box
  • Longer WiFi range and speed - with less power
  • Bluetooth 5.0 - twice the speed, four times the range, less power
  • Triple-shift battery power and unsurpassed battery management
  • A lifetime security guard for Android

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Zebra TC8300, Condensation Resistant, 2D Imager Standard (SE4770), 4 GB RAM, 32 GB Flash, All-Touch TE, Scan Vibration, North America (US, CA,
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Zebra TC8300, Base, Condensation Resistant, 2D Imager Medium Range (SE4750MR), 4GB RAM/32GB Flash, All-Touch TE, Scan Vibration, North America (US,
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Zebra TC8300 Base, 2D Imager Medium Range (SE4750MR), 4GB RAM/32GB Flash, All-Touch TE, North America (US, CA, PR)
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Zebra TC8300, PACKAGE 1, NFC, 2D Imager Extended Range (SE4850), Rear Camera, 4GB RAM/32GB Flash, All-Touch TE, Scan Vibration, Presentation Scan
$2983.35 Add to Cart


Cable, USB To Ethernet Module