Datecs PP-55

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PP-55 Mobile Printers

The Datecs PP-55 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Datamax-O'Neil microFlash 2t / 2te.

The PP-55 operates with a variety of PDAs. The PDA is placed into a cradle on top of the printer. Belt-clip carrying cases ("holsters") are available which allow the printer with the loaded PDA to be slipped into the case , as well as custom holsters designed for specific printer/PDA combinations.

The PP-55 features a low price and a fast (50mm per second) print speed utilizing a state of the art fixed head thermal printer mechanism.

Here are some of the features:

  • Paper: 58mm wide (2.25") (~ 60 feet per roll)
  • Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
  • AC Adapter included
  • With fully charged battery, can print approximately 450 feet of data (~about 8 rolls)
  • 32 and 42 column fonts
  • Clamshell design for easy paper loading
  • Software package for printing data from applications running on the handheld device
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Mag stripe version available (Depth and width added to mag stripe reader)
  • Faster processor that will support the upcoming Barcode Scanner, Smart Card reader and USB host versions.
  • Ability to charge both printer and PDA/Smartphone when connected to AC or DC power source.
  • Reliability 50km wear
  • Operating temp 0-45 degrees C
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight 15 oz.

    ***Windows Vista Drivers Currently not Available***

    To ensure order accuracy, please make sure to let your sales representative know which handheld device you will use with the PP-55

  • Product Specifications
    Dimensions 195 mm L x 50 mm H x 87 mm W
    Weight 390 g (including battery and paper)
    Color Options Grey
    Interfaces Available RS-232
    Print Method Thermal Printer
    Print Speed 50 mm per second
    Resolution 203 dpi - Horizontal and Vertical
    Barcodes Supported Standard 1D Barcodes as well as PDF417
    Graphics Printing 1 Black & White BMP format ( 1-bit per pixel) Size: 384 x 240
    Data / Logo Storage RAM 1Mb
    Magnetic Card Reader PP-55MS Optional 3 Track Reader
    Barcode Scanner PP-55MSBC Yes, Optional
    Print Head Life 50 km
    Paper Dimensions 57.5 ± 0.5 mm wide
    Paper Thickness 0.06 ~ 0.10 mm
    Operating Time ~ 4 Rolls (Alpha-numeric data)
    Operating Temperature -10°C to 45°C
    Storage Temperature -25°C to 70°C @
    Warranty One year warranty

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