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Epson Mobilink TM-P60II

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Mobilink TM-P60II Mobile Printers

This product replaces the older Epson Mobilink.

The Epson Mobilink TM-P60II mobile printer improves on the pedigree of their Mobilink line, offering reliable printing with support for a variety of devices. Light-weight and compact, this bluetooth receipt printer is an ideal choice for mobile POS, including line busting, food trucks, farmers markets, or any other location that has your sales on the go.

A thermal printer, the TM-P60II can print up to 2.24" wide receipts, about the same width as most payment terminal credit slips. The TM-P60II supports label printing as well, giving you easy on-demand relabeling of products or shelves. A near 4 inch per second print speed keeps printouts moving smoothly and saves time over slower alternatives.

The Mobilink TM-P60II has been built for maximum uptime. The included battery provides up to 46 hours of operation, eliminating downtime from swapping batteries or recharging the unit. The reinforced design of the Mobilink TM-P60II seals it to IP54 specifications, meaning dirt and water splashes can't harm internal components. With a 2-year warranty standard, the Epson Mobilink TM-P60II is a smart investment for any mobile printing operation.

  • Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n Radios
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows devices natively
  • 3.94" per second print speed
  • 2.24" print width
  • IP54 Seal
Charging Note: The TM-P60II does NOT come with any charging equipment. Charging docks and power supplies must be purchased separately. See Accessories for all your charging needs.

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