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ZQ320 Plus Mobile Printers

This product replaces the older Zebra MZ 320.

Note on Printing Linered Labels With The ZQ320:

ZQ32-A0W03R0-00 supports linered label printing but there is limited label support due to the printer's narrow outer-diameter requirements (max 1.57 in/40 mm) and lack of media holder. The following two labels are the only supported label rolls.

  • 10034815 (3" W x 1" H)
  • 10034816 (3" W x 1.75" H)

  • Class-Leading Mobile Printing Versatility, Durability and Remote Management

    Mobile printing capabilities in your retail store directly impact customer service quality and associate productivity. Time spent by your field workers writing receipts could be time spent making more customer visits. The Zebra ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series printers let your associates do it all. With receipt printing, associates can ring up sales anywhere in the store. With on-the-spot printing of labels, store associates can complete markups, markdowns and shelf label audits faster and more accurately. Choose the dark grey color scheme with scuff resistant exterior adding extra protection for demanding environments and outdoor use or the more contemporary silver and black color scheme—perfect for design conscious retail customers. The ZQ300 Plus Series delivers the same features and specifications as the ZQ300 Series, using redesigned electronics for long-term product continuity and availability. The ZQ300 Plus printers require new, different firmware and drivers.

    Note on Color:

    Indoor Model is Silver. Outdoor Model is Black.

    More Versatility for More Value

    • Connect to Virtually Any Handheld
      Pair the ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series with practically any mobile device—any Bluetooth®-enabled Zebra mobile handheld computer and tablet, as well as any Android™, iOS®, Windows® CE and Windows Mobile device. It’s also MFi certified for iOS devices.

    • One Printer—Dual Capabilities: Receipts and Labels
      Now, one printer can do double duty: the same printer your store associates use for point of sale transactions can also print labels for shelves, item markdowns and markups.

    • Print Inside—and Outdoors
      With IP54 sealing and support for water-resistant media, you can count on the indoor and outdoor model to print legible text and scannable barcodes, even in the rain or snow.

    • Global Media Support
      The ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series accommodates international metric and US media widths.

    • Less Waste with Linerless Media
      Go greener with linerless media. Workers no longer need to manage used liner material throughout their shift. And since linerless media has up to 60% more labels per roll, it requires fewer roll changes, improving printer uptime—and worker productivity.

    Superior Industrial Design

    • Sleek on the Outside, Superior Zebra Design on the Inside
      The lightweight design ensures user comfort all shift long. The slim profile makes it easy to use in tight spaces. And while its contemporary look fits into the most design-conscious retail store, you get the durability for which Zebra is famous. It’s the only printer in its class to offer triple durability specifications: IP54 sealing, and specifications for a 5 ft./1.5 m drop and 500-drop tumble, which simulates the real-world tumbling that follows a drop.

    Faster, Easier and Highly Reliable Wireless Connections

    • The Latest Wireless Connections for Faster Printing
      Enjoy superior printing speeds and power efficiency with the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy (BLE). And with support for WLAN 802.11ac and the latest Wi-Fi™ security protocols, you get blazing fast and secure connections.
    • Robust and Reliable Connectivity
      Zebra’s patented Power Smart Print Technology™ offloads processing from the printer CPU, freeing up processing power to better manage wireless communications, giving you more consistent and dependable wireless connections for maximum productivity.
    • Split-Second, Tap-To-Pair Simplicity
      The integrated NFC tag allows users to pair the ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series with any Zebra NFC-enabled mobile device with a quick tap. Even new and temporary workers are up and running in seconds.

    Maximize Battery Power and Minimize Battery Management Time and Cost

    • Full-Shift Power and Extraordinary Battery Management
      The PowerPrecision+ 2280 mAh battery, a unique sleep mode, plus patented Power Smart Print Technology™ combine to minimize power requirements, offering one of the longest cycle times in this class. A wealth of battery metrics makes it easier than ever to identify and replace aging batteries before they impact productivity.
    • Power-Saving Sleep Mode with Instant Wake
      This intelligent printer automatically enters sleep mode when it is idle, and automatically wakes up upon receipt of a printing job.
    • Reduce Battery Power Consumption Up to 30 Percent
      While competitive devices provide a constant level of power, the ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series print speed is adjusted dynamically in real time with patented Power Smart Print Technology™—using many factors, including motor torque, battery and print head temperature, print density and more. As a result, power consumption is reduced by an average of 20 to 30 percent per battery cycle.
    • The Most Charging Options for Maximum Flexibility and Scalability
      Multi-slot printer and battery chargers—which can also accommodate select Zebra mobile computers—make it easy to cost-effectively create a rack-based backroom charging station for all your devices. Single-slot printer and battery chargers are ideal on any desk. And with the AC-to-USB power adapter, users can simply plug the printer into any outlet to charge.

    Superior Printer Management
    • Industry-First Application for Easy, Remote Management
      Zebra’s one-of-a-kind Bluetooth Remote Management application gives you real-time visibility and remote management of all ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series printers that are connected to any Android device via Bluetooth. This application collects and sends a wealth of information about the ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series to your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution—either Zebra’s Printer Profile Manager Enterprise printer management software or SOTI MobiControl. Now, the same tool you use to remotely manage your other mobile devices also allows you to easily update, monitor and troubleshoot your mobile printers, all in real-time from a remote central location. And since this solution utilizes a secondary Bluetooth communication channel, it won’t interfere with ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series printing.
    • Zebra Print DNA–Your Printers’ Built-In Advantage
      Print DNA’s suite of software capabilities leverages everything we’ve learned about technology, users and thousands of use cases. Stay a step ahead with remote management tools, heightened security, and ongoing updates, so your printers work at their highest potential.
    • Optional Printer Management Services for Maximum Flexibility
      Our cloud- and subscription-based Asset Visibility Service (AVS) provides insight into the basic health information and proactive steps required to keep your ZQ300/ZQ300 Plus Series printers up and running—all for just pennies a day. Operational Visibility Service (OVS) connects to an MDM and allows you to monitor just about any aspect of your Zebra printer, as well service and repair status. See the current status and disposition of all of your printers, printers at a specific site, specific models or a specific printer—and much more.
    • Consistently Exceptional Zebra Certified Supplies
      Printing supplies can impact everything from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why we design, produce and rigorously pretest our own line of thermal printing supplies to ensure consistent, optimized performance in your Zebra printer.
    • Maximize Printer Availability with Zebra OneCare™ Services
      Get unmatched support—direct from the manufacturer—with live agent telephone technical support, comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage and defined repair and turnaround times. Plus, optional services like Device Commissioning, Onsite Repair, Battery Refresh and Replacement Service and Express Shipping let you tailor your service plan to your individual business needs.

    Key Model Highlights

    Indoor Model
    • Black
    • IP Rating
    • Thermal Receipt Printing
    • No Label Sensor, Continuous Media Only for Labels
    • See Accessories for Compatible Labels: 10034526, 10034528, 10034815, & 10034816
    Outdoor Model
    • Silver
    • Thermal Receipt Printing
    • Has a Label Sensor for Die-Cut Labels
    • See Accessories for Compatible Labels: 10021232 & 10021236
    Included In The Box
  • Printer
  • Battery (Li-Ion 2280 mAh)
  • Belt clip
  • USB cable (Type C to Type A)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Registration card
  • Safety Guide
  • Regulatory Guide
  • Product Specifications
    PRINT WIDTH 72 mm/2.83 in.
    DURABILITY IP Rating: IP54
    WEIGHT 0.43 kg/.95 lbs.
    MAXIMUM PRINT SPEED Up to 4 ips (100 mm/s)
    BATTERY CAPACITY Li-Ion 2280 mAh, 7.2V, PowerPrecision+
    Dimensions ZQ310/ZQ310 Plus:
  • 130 mm L x 93.5 mm W x 49.5 mm H 5.12 in. L x 3.68 in. W x 1.95 in. H ZQ320/ZQ320 Plus:
  • 130 mm L x 117.7 mm W x 49.5 mm H 5.12 in. L x 4.63 in. W x 1.95 in. H
  • Volume ZQ320/ZQ320 Plus: 757.4 cc/46.2 cubic in.
    Weight with battery ZQ320/ZQ320 Plus: 0.43 kg/0.95 lbs
    Operating System Link-OS® printer operating system
    Print Method Direct Thermal
    Resolution 203 dpi/8 dots mm
    Memory 128MB RAM, 256MB Flash (48 MB User Available)
    Battery Li-Ion 2280 mAh, 7.2V, PowerPrecision+
    Maximum Print Width ZQ320/ZQ320 Plus printer: 72 mm/2.83 in.
    Maximum Print Speed Up to 4 ips (100 mm/s)
    Media Sensors
  • Black mark
  • Gap (optional)
  • (bar sensor is for the top side marks only)
  • Programming Languages CPCL, ZPL. The ZPL programming language ensures full compatibility with many other Zebra printers
    Cutter Tear bar
    Media Width ZQ320/ZQ320 Plus printer: 80 mm +0.75 mm/3.15 in. +0.02 in.; spacers available to support 76 mm +0.75 mm/3 in. +0.02 in.
    Maximum Roll Outside Diameter 40 mm/1.57 in.
    Media Holder Drop-in fixed media width (clamshell)
    Media Thickness 0.05334 mm / 0.0021 in. to 0.16 mm/0.0063 in.
    Media Types Direct thermal: receipt paper, linerless labels
    Minimum Receipt Length 12.5 mm/0.49 in.
    Maximum Receipt Length Unconstrained in line mode
    Label Counter Odometer
    Operating Temperature -15° to +50°C/5° to +122° F
    Operating Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
    IP Rating IP54
    Drop Specification 1.5 m/5 ft. tested over operating temp. range
    Tumble Specification 500 free falls from 1 m/3.3 ft.
    Vibration MIL STD 810
    Bluetooth BR/EDR, LE 4.2
    USB 2.0 Client, Type- C™ connector
    NFC Passive NFC tag
    WLAN 802.11ac
    WLAN Security TKIP, AES encryption, WPA, WPA2, 801.1X (WPA or WPA2) EAP- FAST, EAP- TTLS, EAP-TLS, PEAP, LEAP
    WLAN Features Supported 802.11r, 802.11d, 802.11i, Simultaneous WAN & BT 4.2, Fast roaming using Pairwise Master Key (PMK) caching, Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC), or EAP Fast Session resumption
    Internet Protocols over WLAN UDP/TCP, DHCP/BootP, FTP/Mirror, HTTP, SMTP / POP3, Telnet, LPD, SNMP
    Barcode Ratios 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 3.5:1
    Linear Barcodes Codabar (NW-7), Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, 2 and 5 digit add-on, Interleaved 2-of-5, UCC/EAN 128, UPC-A, UPC-E,2 and 5 digit add-on
    2D Barcodes 2D Barcodes: Aztec Code, Data Matrix, GS1/DataBar™ (RSS) family, MaxiCode, MicroPDF417, PDF417, QR Code, TLC 39
    CPCL/ZPL (Scalable) Latin 9, Arabic, Cryillic, Hebrew, SourceCodePro, NotoMono (CJK), Hans (CJK), Thai (Angsana)
    CPCL (Bitmap) Standard fonts: 25 bitmapped, smooth-scalable (CG Triumvirate™ Bold Condensed), scalable SourceCodePro, scalable NotoMono (CJK), scalable Hans (CJK), Optional fonts: Downloadable bitmapped and scalable fonts, *Contains UFST  from Agfa Monotype Corporation
    ZPL Standard fonts: 25 bitmapped, smooth-scalable (CG Triumvirate™ Bold Condensed), scalable SourceCodePro, scalable NotoMono (CJK), scalable Hans (CJK), Optional fonts: Downloadable bitmapped and scalable fonts, *Contains UFST from Agfa Monotype Corporation

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    ZQ320 Plus 3" Mobile Printer; Bluetooth, No Label Sensor
    Connectivity Options:Bluetooth
    Platen Type:Linered Labels
    Label Sensor:No Label-Taken Sensor
    Indoor or Outdoor:Outdoor
    ZQ320 Plus 3" Mobile Printer; Bluetooth, Linerless, No Label Sensor, Outdoor Use
    Connectivity Options:Bluetooth
    Platen Type:Linerless Labels - Sticky Paper
    Label Sensor:No Label-Taken Sensor
    Indoor or Outdoor:Outdoor

    Additional Models

    ZQ320 Plus 3" Mobile Printer; WiFi & Bluetooth, Label Sensor, Indoor Use
    Very limited label sizes supported. Order 10034815 (3" W x 1" H) or 10034816 (3" W x 1.75" H) only. Please call for more information
    Connectivity Options:Bluetooth & WiFi
    Label Sensor:Includes Label-Taken Sensor
    Indoor or Outdoor:Indoor
    Platen Type:Linered Labels


    Receipt Paper Case, White For ZQ110, Direct Thermal (ZPerform 1000D), 2.25" X 26', 0.5 Core, 2.4mil, 50 Rolls Per Case
    Power Supply Brick, US Plug, For Zebra Mobile Computers, Requires CBL-TC5X-USBC2A-01.
    Zebra Cable - USB C Cable for ZQ310, ZQ320, TC20
    Battery, 2280mAh for ZQ300 series (Batteries must be shipped via ground shipping)
    ZQ300, 1-slot printer docking cradle; ZQ300 Series; Includes type A to Type C USB Cable and AC to USB Adapter with US power plug
    ZQ300, 5-slot printer docking cradle; ZQ300 Series; includes power supply and US power cord
    ZQ300, 3 Slot Battery Charger; includes power supply and US power cord
    ZQ300, 1 slot battery charger; US power cord
    Receipt, Paper, 3.1406in x 50ft (79.8mm x 15.2m); DT, Z-Perform 1000D 2.4 mil, Uncoated, 0.5in (12.7mm) core, 50/box, Plain
    ZQ310 + ZQ320 essential 3 day return to base 3 years with comprehensive cover
    ZQ300, TC51, TC56, Vehicle adapter; includes open ended and cigarette lighter adapter cables
    ZQ300, Vehicle holder; attaches to dashboard
    ZQ300, Vehicle holder; attaches to Windshield
    ZQ320, Kit, Shoulder Strap
    ZQ300, Kit, Belt Clip, Qty. 5
    ZQ320, Kit, Soft Case
    ZQ320, Kit, Linered Platen Roller
    ZQ320, Spacers for media compartment to accept 3'' (76.2) wide paper (5 sets; 2 per set)
    Receipt, Paper, 3.1406in x 40ft (79.8mm x 12.2m); DT, Z-Select 4000D 3.2 mil, High Performance Coated, 0.5in (12.7mm) core, 50/box, Plain

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