Elo TouchSystems 1529L

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1529L POS Touch Screen Monitor

The Elo TouchSystems 1529L has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Elo TouchSystems 1523L.

This product replaces the older Elo TouchSystems 1522L.

The 1529L 15 inch touch monitor was designed for touch from the ground up. It features a stable tilt stand which helps keep the screen from wobbling when in use and is impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid spills, splashes, humidity and dust. With a resistance to contamination and a removable base which allows for wall or VESA pole mounting, this touchscreen adapts to a multitude of environments including: kitchens, airports, point-of-sale, light industrial, retail, service industries, gaming/amusement, home control, kiosk, and more.

The 1529 L can be ordered in one of five different touch technologies, AccuTouch (Resistive), Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR), CarrollTouch (Infrared), IntelliTouch (Capacitive) or Surface Capacitive. APR and Infrared are especially efficient touch technologies due to their increased brightness (APR 322 nits vs AccuTouch 280 nits), easy to clean glass screen and ability to be operated with credit card, pencil, gloved hand or any other available stylus.

The 1529L's optimal 1024 x 768 resolution and 4 x 3 aspect ratio display clear, precise graphics and the backlight lamp which illuminates the screen has a minimum half life of 4.5 years. (40,000 hours to half brightness.) The monitor also sports two watt/channel speakers in the display head, external user control buttons with multi-lingual on screen display menu (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese) and can enter an energy saving mode which reduces the monitor’s power consumption to less than 2 watts.


  • Long lifespan
  • Antiglare surface treatment
  • Desktop, wall or VESA mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Stable tilt base
  • Built-in speakers
  • Dark grey or beige color options
  • 3 year warranty

    Similar models include the Elo 1522L 15 inch touch monitor and the Pioneer TOM-M5 15 inch touch monitor.
  • Product Specifications
    Display Type 15 Inch TFT Active Matrix
    Color Options Dark Grey or Beige
    Interface Dual Serial/USB
    Style Desktop - Stable Tilt Base
    Optimal Resolution 1024 x 768
    Aspect Ratio 4:3
    Contrast Ratio 400:1
    Brightness LCD panel: 350 nits - with AccuTouch: 287 nits - with Acoustic Pulse Recognition: 322 nits - with IntelliTouch: 322 nits - with surface capacitive: 294 nits - with CarrollTouch: 322 nits
    Colors 16.2 million colors, 6 bit with dithering
    Weight 14.4 lb (approx. with touch, short stand only)
    Dimensions 13.99 (w) x 11.27 (h) x 10.44 (d) in - 355 x 286 x 265 mm
    Mounting Options Reversible/Removable Base, 75 mm VESA Mount Options
    Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
    Power Supply Type: AC/DC input internal power supply
    Monitor Input Voltage AC input (line) voltage: 90-265 VAC, 50/60 Hz - DC input: 12V ± 0.75V
    Power Dissipation 20W max (typical)
    Speakers Built-in speakers
    Optional Peripherals 3 track magnetic strip reader (MSR)
    Warranty *3 Year Monitor

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    POSGuys Rating:

    Elo's APR technology took the best properties of its reknown touch technologies, Accutouch, Carolltouch, & IntelliTouch, to create Accoustic Touch with a solid glass overlay for durability and superior optics at a mid-range price. Try it out!

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    Short Stand for the Elo 1529L Touch Monitor: ROHS Compliant
    AC Power Cable for 1529L LCD Touch Monitor (Requires External Power Brick #E137360): ROHS Compliant
    Short Stand for the Elo 1529L Touch Monitor: Beige, ROHS Compliant
    Please Call
    Stylus Pen for use with IntelliTouch Touchscreen Monitor
    Elo Advanced Unit Replacement Service (Must be purchased with an extended warranty service.)
    Elo 1 Year Extended Warranty Service for 22 Inch Widescreen Monitor
    Elo 2 Year Extended Warranty Service for 22 Inch Widescreen Monitor

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