DataLogic Gryphon I GPS4400

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Gryphon I GPS4400 Presentation Barcode Scanners

The Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400 gives you the power of the Gryphon imager line in a compact, presentation scanning body. The fast and reliable scanning of the GPS4400 put it at home in retail scanning, post offices, utility services, and more.

Retail scanning is easy with the GPS4400. For standard retail barcodes, the scanner has a depth of field of nearly 17 inches, making it easy to present products for fast scans. The scanner also can read from LCD screens, great for mobile couponing, ticketing, or other customer-facing scanning applications.

The Gryphon I GPS4400 offers some unique features to aid users in the scanning process. Multiple scanning methods improve performance for your specific needs: standard triggered mode, continuous scanning mode, and even software-commanded triggering. Datalogic's Green Spot provides visual cues of successful scans, great if you cannot or should not hear the audible beep.

Datalogic built the Gryphon I GPS4400 to survive the accidents that occur in retail settings. The scanner can survive falls of about four feet to concrete, handling knocks off counters with ease. Gasket sealing provides an IP62 rated seal, ensuring dust and water splashes won't harm internal components. A 3 year warranty is standard, with extended warranties available.

  • 0.3" to 16.6" depth of field for retail barcodes
  • Datalogic's Green Spot for visual cue of successful scans
  • Supports USB, Serial interfaces
  • Presentation stand is removable
  • Can be triggered through software for increased accuracy

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