DataLogic Magellan 1000i

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Magellan 1000i Presentation Barcode Scanners

The DataLogic Magellan 1000i has reached end of life.

With an impressive 1000 scan lines per second, the Datalogic Magellan 1000i (formerly from PSC) barcode scanner reduces scan times and improves productivity at the point of sale counter. Use hands-free to sweep conveyable items for reliable barcode scanning, even on damaged or poorly rendered barcodes. Easily removed from its optional tilting riser stand, the Magellan 1000i features an ergonomic handheld gripping surface for scanning large or bulky items.

The Magellan 1000i stands out from other omni-directional barcode scanners for reliability and performance with these additional features:

  • No internal moving parts
  • PSC’s multi-interface support - just edit a program parameter and change the cable
  • Optional targeted scanning mode

DataLogic Magellan 1000i Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Datalogic built the Magellan 1000i to scan barcodes in virtually any oritentation. The cashier can use either a sweeping or presentation style of scanning, a breakthrough capability for point of sale imaging scanners.

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3" Riser Stand w/ Tilt Adjustment & Fixed Mounting Holes; Black
3" Riser Stand w/ Tilt Adjustment & Fixed Mounting Holes; Grey
Fixed Mounting Plate; Grey
Magellan 1000/1100i Mounting Bracket, Black

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