Honeywell Orbit 7190g

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Orbit 7190g Presentation Barcode Scanners

This product replaces the older Honeywell Orbit 7120/7180.

The Orbit™ 7190g hands free scanner is an innovative, elegant and affordable solution for convenience retail applications where counter space is limited. The Orbit's shape allows for handheld scanning of large, bulky items and the scanning head can be tilted within a 30° range to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes.

The hybrid technology that combines omni-directional laser scanning and integrated area-imaging to provide a barcode reading platform unlike any other scanner for highly efficient checkouts is what sets the new Orbit™ 7190g apart. Having the hybrid scanner allows the Orbit's superior pass-through scanning of linear barcodes to continue, while simultaneously reading digital codes off of screens. Retailers will no longer be required to have an additional scanner to perform these tasks.

The Orbit 7190g scanner seamlessly works for both merchandise scanning by the cashier, and digital barcodes scanning off smartphones by customers. With the dual-modes design, the scanner is automatically optimized for both applications while eliminating the customer annoyance of a laser and LED illumination.

  • Hybrid Precision Laser and 2D Area Imager
  • Scans Screes
  • Hands Free Scanner
  • 3 Year Warranty

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