UniTech FC75

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FC75 Presentation Barcode Scanners

The Unitech FC75 2D presentation fixed mount imager is designed to be attached to a surface that makes scanning an effortless process.

Ruggedly sealed to protect it from retail harshness, the FC75 will continue to perform admirably while being exposed to dust, dirt and moisture. Having a snappy scan engine designed to correctly capture barcodes the first time as they are passing through, greatly reduces the need to rescan so the job can be done in record time. The FC75 is a 2D imager that can capture virtually any stacked 2D code or codes off of a screen such as phones for boarding passes or id badges. Being a tiny little scanner, the FC75 should be fixed mounted to create zero footprint on your crowded counter, allowing more space for you and the customer. With the ability to choose the placement and angle of your scanner, you can optimize the scan process to meet your unique scanning needs, such as undercounter, or side mounted for a pass through scan. Unitech's FC75 2D imager offers a customizable hands free scanner that comes with a 3 year warranty.

  • 2D Imager
  • 2.2" W - 2.7" H - 1.1" Compact Size
  • Optional Press to Scan Button
  • Mountable
  • Reads Phone Screens
  • 3 Year Warranty

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