Zebra DS7708

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DS7708 Presentation Barcode Scanners

This product replaces the older Symbol LS7708.

The most popular counter-scanner in Europe and Asia is now making its way through North America. Zebra's DS7708 scanner with rapid 2D scanning capabilities will scan any barcode that passes by its window as fast as you can put it there.

Ideal for high volume scanning where using both hands to scan is necessary, like large items or delicate bottles of wine, the DS 7708 by Zebra is the scanner with a sleek appearance and small footprint to fit onto any compact counter space. The DS7708 is capable of scanning virtually any 1D or 2D barcodes, even codes on mobile devices, so accepting coupons and customer loyalty cards is effortless.

Built extraordinarily durable, the DS7708 will survive multiple drops from the counter as well as withstand most splashes and spills. Designed to have all of the electronic components at the top of the unit, the DS7708 is also protected from small counter floods such as a spilled fountain drink. A uniquely recessed screen prevents smudges and scrapes from damaging the scan window also adding longevity to your scanner. Having only 2 dark red LED, this scanner is more ergonomic by preventing flickering red lights from distracting customers and users. With one of the largest fields of view in the market and very aggressive omni-directional scanning, you would need to try to not get the barcode to scan.

  • Omni-Directional Scanning, Virtually all 1D and 2D Symbologies
  • Rapid Scanning, 100in./2.5 m per Second
  • Large Field of View
  • Very Durable, IP52 Rated
  • Easily add a Hand Scanner
  • Power through a single USB Port
  • Integrated Checkpoint EAS Deactivation
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Specifications
Dimensions 5.63 in. H x 5.86 in. W x 3.81 in. D
14.3 cm H x 14.9 cm W x 9.7 cm D
Weight 17.6 oz. / 500 g
Colors Options Midnight Black
Interfaces Available USB
Keyboard Wedge
TGCS (IBM) 46XX over RS485
Scan Method 1D and 2D Barcodes Red LED
Decoding Capabilities Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, Codabar/NW7, Code 11, MSI Plessey, UPC/EAN, I 2 of 5, Korean 3 of 5, GS1 DataBar, Base 32 (Italian Pharma), PDF417, Micro PDF417, Composite Codes, TLC-39, Aztec, DataMatrix, MaxiCode, QR Code, Micro QR, Chinese Sensible (Han Xin), Postal Codes
Mobility/Range Corded
Scan Rate (Maximum) Up to 100 in./sec. (254 cm/sec.)
Print Contrast (Min.) 25% minimum reflctive diffrence
Typical Depth of Field Code 39 – 5 mil: 0 – 7.2 in. (0 – 18.3 cm)
UPC/EAN – 10 mil (80%): 0 – 10.0 in. (0 – 25.4 cm)
UPC/EAN – 13 mil (100%): 0 – 10.3 in. (0 – 26.1 cm)
PDF417 – 5 mil: 0 – 3.5 in. (0 – 8.9 cm)
Datamatrix – 10 mil: 0 – 5.0 in. (0 – 12.7 cm)
QR Code – 10 mil: 0 – 4.9 in. (0 – 12.4 cm)
Indicators Green light for good read
Auto Sense Mode Yes
Operating Temperature 32˚ to 104˚ F / 0˚ to 40˚ C
Storage Temperature -40˚ to 158˚ F / -40˚ to 70˚ C
Ambient Light (Max) Two deep red LEDs (660nm)
Warranty 3 Year Limited

Zebra DS7708 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Flatbed scanning capabilities but at half the price. If you want a very aggressive hands free scanner for a grocery type of application but don't need or want a scale attached to the barcode scanner then this scanner is the top of it's class. Can scan barcodes (printed or on a phone) from a huge range of angles, barcodes can be slightly moving and don't need to be held perfectly still. Scanner is built with the electronics in the top of the device allowing it to be submerged in liquid (spills) without worry about the scanner being damaged. LED array has been ergonomically optimized to be a much easier to look at red as well as not being pointed towards your eyes if standing.

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Product Video Transcript

DS7708 Barcode Scanner Review Video

Hi I'm Travis and I'm April and today we're reviewing the Zebra Symbol DS7708. This is their presentation scanner. It is an omnidirectional 2D scanner and it was designed to work with people that want to bring the items to the barcode scanner rather than a pistol style scanner where you take the scanner to the items. So it is kind of the opposite, people that generally like to use two hands with their scanning this is a very popular scanner with them if you're having a sensitive merchandise that you really worry about dropping.

What are your favorite features about this scanner. I really like that it can scan just about any barcode you put in front of it from 1D to 2D barcodes and on any type of media so on glass or paper or even on your phone screen so you can capture those loyalty coupons and loyalty customer cards. Yeah I really like the design of this it looks like a scanner that you've seen for a decade now but there have actually been some decent changes to the edge of the scanner so it is just flat there. This one is recessed. What that does though is it actually protects the scanner so instead of worrying about getting this glass scanner because you're taking the item, walking right up to it and hitting it, it's pushed back so you'll get a scan before you even touch the window so that is a good way of protecting the scanner and keeping it a little cleaner.

Additionally it has some ergonomic kind of features. Instead of having lights all the way around the outside like a hundred led lights trying to really light it up they recessed two dark red lights and it is pointed down so if it is sitting on the counter and you are scanning all day long you're not staring at lights. It is not in your eyes all day. Kind of a nice ergonomic consideration by Zebra. So the mounting options for the DS7708, what is available? There is a tabletop option so here is the base, it snaps right out of there. It has screw holes on the bottom so you can secure it to your tabletop in addition there is a wall mount which this will slide into and there is a screw to secure it in there once you get it into the wall mount. And that is basically like the one mounted on the wall. This one right here. Just like that.

From your experience what types of business would use a scanner like this. Well I think this would be ideal in delis or convenience stores where you have those fountain drinks and they're guaranteed to spill every now and then on your counter, you don't have to worry about your scanner getting fried. It also captures barcodes really quickly so as you're passing the items through you can go really fast if you need to bust some lines that have just exploded in your business that day. Yeah yeah and we did a lot of durability testing with this scanner. While it doesn't have an official drop spec we put it through the ringers, knocked if off the desk about two dozen times. We did some impacting testing with it and we tested it in water because the electronics are kept in the upper third of the scanner so basically where it curves up, that if water gets in it and comes up to about there it doesn't fry the circuitry. It can withstand a spill so if something sloshes onto the scanner you don't have to worry about it frying instantly so some nice durability features in it as well. Under the cover and in the back you have three things going on. You have our interface port, right here that we'll use, your basic USB interface cable. You also have a companion scanner port so if you'd like to have an additional hand scanner attached to this you plug this in here and then you would need a special interface cable that would plug in here along with your power supply here. Also back here you would see these red chords here. There are for anti-theft devices such as the checkpoint EAS. This can virtually work as your deactivation pad.

So the DS7708, how would you rate the scanner? I would rate it pretty high, it is a rapid firing scanner it can read all sorts of barcodes fairly quickly and it is hands free so you don't have to hold the scanner or push down a button to get a good scan. Yeah I agree with that and especially with the popularity of it overseas in Europe and Asia it has really proved to be a popular scanner that has worked well with a variety of different businesses. You'll see it a lot in groceries but a DIY place like a Home Depot, garden center or hardware center really like the scanner as well where you're going to be handling heavy equipment, you're going to be using two hands you can't just pick it up with one hand and put it to the scanner. Two hands just works a bit better. Um, three year warranty on it? Three year warranty and with all the electronics up on top I think you're going to have this scanner for a nice long time. If you're going to be adding a companion scanner make sure you buy the correct cable with it and if you're going to be doing EAS make sure that you keep that in mind as an option. For more information or to purchase the product please visit us at POSGuys.com. Thanks! Thank you.