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What You Get: LS8900 LS8900 KDS Station Controller, Android
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KDS System LS8900 Logic ControlsLogic Controls

The LS8900 is not one of this product's most popular models.

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Cable KB19000 to keyboard (RJ to PS2 Female), 1ft
Cable KB9000 to PC (RJ to PS2 Male with lock), 50ft
Mounting bracket for KB9000 Black
Cable KB9000 to PC (RJ to PS2 Male with lock), 12ft
Cable for KB9000 RJ to RJ, 6ft
Legend sheet A for KB9000
Legend sheet B for KB9000
Legend sheet D(PH) for KB9000
Legend sheet E for KB9000
Legend sheet C for KB9000
Cable KB9000 to PC (RJ to PS2 Male), 3ft
KB9000 TOUCH BUMPBAR - USB cable, Legend Sheet A
KB9000 TOUCH BUMPBAR - RJ-RJ cable (PS2 interface), Legend Sheet G
KB900 TOUCH BUMPBAR KitchenGo Ticket Leg
KitchenGo Tick KDS bundle,LS8000&KB9000U
KitchenGo Ticket KDS bundle, include LS8000-KT & KB9000-KT
KB9000 Bump Bar Holder
KB9000 touch bumbar, USB cable, B legend sheet
KB900 TOUCH BUMPBAR - RJ-RJ cable (PS2 interface)
KB900 TOUCH BUMPBAR - PS/2 cable
CP330 Controller Pocket for LS8900
Controller Pocket for LC8700
LCD Flat Panel Display 14 Articulating Arm - Surface/Wall Arm
LCD Flat Panel Display 20 Articulating Arm - Surface/Wall Arm
LCD Flat Panel Display 10 Articulating Arm - Surface/Wall Arm
Compact Wall Mount Flat Panel Display Bracket
LCD Flat Panel Display Bracket - Wall Mount
LCD Flat Panel Wall Mount Bracket
Adjustable Wall Mount with Controller Pocket Support Channel. Extends the LCD 14.75 to 17 from the wall.
ceiling bracket
Bump Bar Support Bar
KB1700 Bump Bar Holder
KDS Mounting Kit for LC8710 & LC8810; includes Controller Pocket, Monitor Mounting Hinge and Plate, Power Supply Holder, Bump Bar Holder

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