PrehKeyTec MCI 128

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MCI 128 Programmable Keyboard

This product replaces the older PrehKeyTec MCI 96 TouchKey.

The PrehKeyTec MCI 128 Series programmable keyboard features 128 programmable keys, available in both QWERTY and row by column layouts. No springs are beneath the keys, eliminating wear-points that can occur from extended use and enhancing the durability of the keyboard. An optional integrated MSR makes the PrehKeyTec MCI 128 programmable keyboard an excellent space-saving choice for any retail location.

  • IP54 Seal protects against dust and spills
  • Key life rated at 30,000,000 full strokes each
  • Fully relegendable
  • Each key programmable to up to 65,000 inputs
  • Product Specifications
    Color Options Black or White
    Interface USB and PS/2 (with included adaptor)
    Keys 128 programmable and relegendable (8 x 16 keys)
    Keyswitch Lifetime Over 30 million
    Warranty 3 Years

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