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Aldelo PRO POS Software

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Aldelo Restaurant Software

This product replaces the older Aldelo Pro for Restaurants.

Now also available as a monthly subscription!

Aldelo SAAS is the same Aldelo POS for Windows but also includes 24/7 support, API and software updates.

Aldelo PRO POS restaurant software offers a sleek interface with intuitive features, giving your full-service restaurant or bar a fantastic way to manage orders, inventory, employees and more. The software package is a single-solution for restaurants of all sizes.

Fully touchscreen-driven, Aldelo PRO POS speeds the order entry process dramatically, eliminating errors and ensuring customers get exactly what they ordered. Customized order info can be entered with ease, including meal modifiers or special instructions.

When it's time to pay, Aldelo software supports multiple concurrent payment methods, as well as split checks, providing tremendous versatility for you and your customers. Integration with Aldelo's EDC card payment platform adds greater security when accepting credit card payments, eliminating many PCI compliance worries. In addition, Aldelo has their own payment processor, AldeloPay for the most seamless credit card processing experience.

Managing inventory at a restaurant can be incredibly daunting. Thankfully, Aldelo point of sale software's integrated inventory management system works directly with your menu, keeping track of stock levels as orders are run. This level of accuracy saves you money previously lost on spoilage from inventory overages.

Reliable and cost effective, Aldelo POS improves restaurant efficiency by freeing up staff to focus on service. The ordering and payment process on Aldelo is simple, fast, and easy - making training new employees a breeze.

Credit card processing icon

Want to Make Credit Processing Simple? We Can Do That.

Credit card processing can be confusing. We make it easy. We've selected AldeloPay as the best payment processor for this software. When you use Aldelo Pay, you get unlimited free software license with 24/7 support and unlimited upgrades.

Product Specifications
Minimum Processor Main Station / Server: 2 GHz or better Intel-based
Workstation: 1.5 GHz or better Intel-based
Minimum RAM Main Station / Server: 2 GB or more
Workstation: 1 GB or more
Minimum Hard Disk Main Station / Server: 10 GB or more
Workstation: 2 GB or more
Minimum Operating System Server / Main Station: Windows XP Pro SP3, Vista 7 SP2, Win 7, Server 2003, Server 2008 Foundation, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2
Workstation: Windows XP Pro SP3, XP Embedded, WEPOS, POSReady, Vista SP2, Win 7, Server 2003, Server 2008 Foundation, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2
Minimum Display Resolution 800 x 600
Credit / Debit Processing Via Aldelo EDC payment software
Finance Software Compatibility QuickBooks
Employee Access Control Yes
Employee Scheduling Yes
Employee Time Clock Yes
Inventory Management Complete Inventory Management Capabilities Out of the Box
Complete Recipe Management Capabilities Out of the Box
Automatic Purchase Order Creation Based On Inventory Levels
Detailed Inventory Reports To Help Identify Costs and Increase Bottom Line
Support For Physical Inventory Counts
Support For Inventory Receiving Verification Work Flow
Mobile Compatibility Through Aldelo Wireless Edition
Customer Loyalty / Tracking Customer Profile and Order History
Frequent Buyer/Rewards Program
House Charge Account
Customer Incident Tracking
Tax Levels Multiple
Customer Displays Supported Yes
OPOS Support Yes
Label Printing Built-in
Report Support Detailed Sales and Operations Reports
Detailed Financials Accountability Reports
Detailed Customer Reports
Detailed Employee Reports
Detailed Inventory Reports
Number of Stations Over 3, Varies based on Server OS
Multi-Store Support Not Available
Database Type Microsoft JET Engine
Tab/Check Splitting Available
Multiple Printer Support Yes
Kitchen Display Support Available
Multiple Dining Room Layout Support Yes
Reservation Support Yes

Aldelo PRO POS Software Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

The newest version of Aldelo's full-service restaurant software offers a lot of additional functionality, including searchable bar tabs and a more informative split/combine checks function. Installation is pretty tricky; we recommend calling support to walk through the correct installation procedure.

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Recommended Models

Aldelo Restaurant Software, Windows, Single License, Pro Edition - Download Only, Support Sold Separately
Support must be purchased separately.

Additional Models

Aldelo POS SAAS - Monthly Subscription for Windows Restaurant POS Software, Includes 24/7 Support and Software Updates, One Station/Device License
Monthly Payments Required, Cancellable Anytime
$99 / mo Add to Cart


Aldelo EDC (210-V) TSYS Edition (per site). Perpetual License requires Aldelo 24/7 Annual Support Contract.
$1995.00 Add to Cart
Aldelo EDC, DataCap Edition (per site)
Please Call
Aldelo EDC (210-FB) FDMS Buypass Edition (per site) - **ONLY Available with Aldelo SAAS (Subscription) Software ** DOES NOT SUPPORT EMV **
Please Call
Aldelo EDC (210-GE) Global East Edition (per site) Available via EDC SAAS Subscription ONLY
Please Call
Aldelo EDC, ETS Edition (per site)
Please Call
Aldelo (801) Media Display (per site)
Aldelo (106) Annual Support Contract, 24/7 Support with Upgrades (per site)
$1075.00 Add to Cart
Aldelo (203) Kitchen Display Server Add-On (per site)
Aldelo OON Software License - Single Location, Integrated to Aldelo with Aldelo API, Also Includes Software Install, Desktop/Mobile Menu Build with Images, Delivery Map, CC Set up to Merchant, First Month of Subscription **Please Call for Pricing**
Please Call
Aldelo EDC First Data - Perpetual License requires Aldelo 24/7 Annual Support Contract ** SUPPORTS EMV **
$2495.00 Add to Cart
Aldelo EDC SaaS Monthly Subscription License- Single EDC License Only, For Integrated Credit Card Processing using First Data, TSYS, Heartland, or Global. **Recurring Monthly Payment Required**
Whooz Calling Deluxe 2 Caller ID, Serial Box, Adapter for use with Aldelo Software, Serial Interface
Aldelo EDC (210-HL) Heartland Edition (per site) - **ONLY Available with Aldelo SAAS (Subscription) Software**
Please Call
POSGuys Software Support Incident Package. Technical Support for Five Separate Incidents. Please Note: Support is Provided Over the Phone or Via a Remote Connection. Does not include software version upgrades or training. Some Restrictions Apply. Please Call Us For More Information.
PG-SWSUPPORT-1INCIDENT POSGuys Software Support - 1 Incident up to 1 Hour of Service, Diagnose and Support. Doesn't Include Software Upgrades. Some Advanced Services Not Included. Please Call for More Information.

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