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Aldelo Touch for iPad

Touch for iPad POS Software

Aldelo Touch for iPad restaurant software is designed to increase the mobility and simplicity of running your business by using your iPad with features and capabilities you expect from Aldelo.

Having your software on a familiar, easy to use iPad significantly simplifies training and ease of use. Supported with 24/7 technical service, user error is easily remedied. Try as you can, you will not be able to find an affordable restaurant point of sale system as aesthetically pleasing as an iPad.

Whether managing outside seating, adding bar purchases to a table tab or tracking delivery orders, having a portable workstation allows you to keep up with your businesses changing needs.

You never need to worry if you’re offline or not connected, Aldelo Touch does not stop working for you. Data is automatically synchronized when the network returns.

Just as you would expect from Aldelo, Aldelo Touch for iPad also has labor control functions that make everything from punching in to scheduling a breeze.

Aldelo Touch is backed by the Cloud to ensure easy access from any web enabled device.

EDC credit card reader free with merchant account set-up.
Annual subscription is $30/month, supporting up to 3 iPads. If you’re not ready for a full year commitment, you can sign up for the monthly subscription at $49 for 1 iPad.

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Product Specifications
Compatible iPads iPad 3,4
Air, Air 2
mini, mini Retina, mini 3
Credit / Debit Processing Via Aldelo EDC payment software
Employee Time Clock Yes
Employee Access Control Yes
Employee Scheduling Yes
Inventory Management Not Available
Mobile Compatibility Not Available
Report Support Yes
Tab/Check Splitting Yes
Pizza Builder Yes
Menu Builder Yes
Barcode Scanner Camera
Service Types Dine-in
Take out

Aldelo Touch for iPad Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Aldelo requires a monthly subscription of $49 per ipad, you do not get a discount for additional ipads or for subscribing annually. It has less functionality then the windows version. It has more restrictive credit card processing and hardware options.

Aldelo Pro for Windows is a single up front charge and discounted per three or more additional stations. There is a bigger variety of hardware you can pair with it as well as credit card processing options. In the long run the cost savings for the Windows version makes it the more appealing.

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Recommended Models

Aldelo Touch Starter Kit, Includes: 1 Year Subscription, iPad Stand, 13 inch by 13 inch Manual Cash Drawer (Paperless), 1 Hour Training Session, POS Hardware Support
  • cash drawer: Manual 13 x 13 Black
  • receipt printer: None
  • stand type: 360 degree swivel tilt stand
  • mobile printer: None
  • kitchen receipt printer: None
Aldelo Touch Monthly Subscription - Per iPad Per Month
$49.00 / mo


C31CD52A9982 Thermal Receipt Printer (MPOS Friendly, USB/Ethernet, Power Supply, with CAT5 Cable) - Color: Dark Gray $289.00 Add to Cart
C31CD70A9971 Mobile Receipt Printer (3 Inch, Receipt, IOS, Bluetooth, USB Cable, Battery, Power Supply) $465.34 Add to Cart
C31C514A8041 Kitchen Printer (MPOS, Ethernet, Autocutter, Auto Status, AC Adapter) - Color: Dark Gray $350.00 Add to Cart
ALDELOPOS-KDS Aldelo (203) Kitchen Display Server Add-On (per site) $395.00 Add to Cart

Previously Available Models

Aldelo Touch 1 Year Subscription for up to 3 iPads (No longer available, monthly subscription only)
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Product Video Transcript

Hi, Travis with POSGuys.com. Today we're going to take a look at our newest entry into our restaurant POS systems. This is an iPad powered POS system and it uses the ELO Paypoint to integrate peripherals into the iPad. The software it's running is Aldelo Touch, a very nice piece of software made by Aldelo. It is iPad based, it does not integrate with standard Aldelo, you either have to run regular Aldelo Pro or Aldelo Touch, you can't run them both simultaneously, they are working on a new product that will work with both Pro and iPads at the same time, but this is an iPad only version. It has many of the same features as Aldelo POS Pro, just in an iOS version. The ELO Paypoint is an all in one stand and peripheral for an iPad. There's a receipt printer built in. There's also a cash dawer, and even a barcode scanner built into the side. So if you're going to be selling some food items and you also have bottles, you can scan it with the barcode scanner. It's touch screen of course since it's an iPad. Once you go into the main menu, you can add items to it. It works with the touchscreen. And then when you settle the cash drawer automatically kicks out and the receipt prints. 4 bills 5 coins and a little receipt. You also can add a kitchen printer to it, that would need to be in a compatible model, and it's either going to be Ethernet or wireless based, it doesn't plug directly into the iPad, it would just be on the network with it. When you look at the side of the paypoint, you can see the integrated barcode scanner. When you have a bottle or something, you can kind of just bring it up and scan it with the built in barcode scanner, you don't have to have an extra scanner plugged in to it. On the other side, you have the built-in MSR for doing traditional credit card reading. Aldelo Touch, like Aldelo Pro, is a very robust restaurant software, it does dine-in, take-out, delivery orders. It has a full menu on it, it's configurable, it takes multiple payment methods, it has time clock capabilities. Very robust, does everything that you need for restaurants pretty much. It can network with multiple stations together, you configure how the menu is laid out, how the peripherals work, what printers it prints to, with a cloud based application that's called Aldelo Cloud. You log in to it and then you can set up your menu, you can set up your registers with it. It is subscription based, there is a monthly subscription that is required, and its per register. There is traditional Aldelo you pay one fee upfront and then you have the software for life. With Aldelo Touch the only option is a subscription base. When thinking about whether you want to do an iPad based system versus a PC based system, keep in mind whether you want ongoing fees or if you want a one-time fee. The cost of an iPad plus a stand is a little bit less than a traditional PC unit, however it doesn't have a subscription so in the long term the PC might be a little cheaper. The PC also has traditional means of accessing it. Our tech support team can remote in to it, versus an iPad where they cannot do that. You can also back it up with traditional Windows means, though Aldelo cloud does keep all your data up in the cloud so you don't have to have it saved on an iPad. To run credit cards, you will also need a Windows based server running the credit card processing middleware Aldelo EDC. That is a requirement in order to run credit cards in Aldelo Touch, so also keep that in mind. There's different iPads that can work with this stand, these are the adapter plates for an iPad air and an iPad mini, you just change out this plastic rim and put it inside of it and it'll work. You can also use an iPad outside the ELO Paypoint. The ELO Paypoint is nice because the peripherals are attached, it keeps the iPad charged, it also keeps it secured, there's a locking bolt in here, so someone can't just come along and pull the iPad out and run off with it. The whole register is attached to the iPad. One other requirement for running Aldelo Touch is have a very robust wireless network. I would stay away from consumer level access points and wireless routers, you're going to definitely want to go business class on this. If you lose your internet access, then your point of sale station may stop functioning. There are some basic offline capabilities, but you really want to be online as much as possible. Make sure you have a good wireless network. POSGuys does sell some accessories, access points and wireless routers that would be considered business class. For more information on our restaurant systems or to purchase, please visit us at POSGuys.com, or give us a call at 1-855-POS-GUYS. Thank you very much!

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