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Streamline your front register transactions and automate special customer orders, inventory management, customer accounts, purchasing and receiving and more. Built over the course of 25 years, MicroBiz Retail POS for Windows has features to support every area of a small business's operation and is designed to be simple-to-use yet support growth of your retail operations. Looking to make a switch from an existing software? With flexible hardware support, you can easily integrate your existing POS hardware. Plus, flexible credit card processing options ensure you'll be able to use an existing payment processor.

All The Features Your Retail Business Needs To Run

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Robust Point of Sale

The intuitive design of the front register of MicroBiz for Windows allows you to “check out” customers in seconds – and features drop down menus, quick keys and search functions. Print or email receipts to customers. Process Split Tender Transactions with ease and process returns and voids. Accept EBT/SNAP.

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Enterprise Class Inventory Management

Real-time centralized view of inventory levels at all your stores from any register. Generate bar coded price tags and track replacement and average costs. Import new products and updates via CSV files. Create POs and receive vendor shipments with or without a PO.

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Serial Numbers/Serialized Inventory

lWhen selling an item with a serial number, the POS screen automatically prompts you to select/enter the serial number of the item being sold. You can search or report on the transactions with serial numbers.

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Matrix Products

A multi-variant matrix allows you define multiple sizes, colors, or any other variation of your products. For apparel retailers, MicroBiz for Windows allows you manage an “apparel matrix” that gives you the ability to track all your sizes, colors or styles for each item in inventory.

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Employee Management

The employee time clock tracks hours and generates reports by store, register, and employee for different time periods. Commission Support allows assigning commissions as % of sales or a fixed dollar amount per product sold.

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Customer Management

Track customer activity across locations, issue and redeem credits/gift cards, view purchase history, and set customer-specific pricing. Special pricing can be based on discount off retail, mark-up over cost or targeted margin.

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Delivery Management, Layaways, & Work Orders

Take phone orders, schedule deliveries and manage in store pick ups and layaways. Sort orders by due date, status, employee and delivery, in store and ship. Additionally, you can generate printed Quotes, Estimates and Invoices

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Email and Mail Campaign Management

Sort and filter customers and then quickly export the list to a CSV file that can be uploaded into most popular email programs. The software also supports mailing labels in a variety of formats. Choose customers based on ZIP code, recency of purchase and purchase volume.

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Reporting & Analytics

MicroBiz comes with a variety of product, sales and customer reports, including a management dashboard displaying key metrics. All reports are customizable and can be exported to PDF and CSV files.

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Service & Repair Ticket Management

Track customer service needs, payments, and history with a built-in module for service department management. Collect deposits and send out recurring service reminders. Bill labor and services hourly, by fixed fee, or by service rendered. Manage service for multiple items in a single customer record.

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Want to Make Credit Processing Simple? We Can Do That.

Credit card processing can be confusing. We make it easy. We've selected the best payment processor for this software and we'll take the time to learn about your business so that you have everything you need to be successful.

Product Specifications
Supported Operating Systems Windows 11 Professional (Only compatible with Version 16.2 and above)
Windows 10 Professional (Only compatible with Version 15.5 and above)

Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8 Professional editions are not recommended by MicroBiz but are supported by MicroBiz. Windows XP and Windows Server operating systems are not supported by MicroBiz.
Recommended Specs 12+GB system memory
512GB hard disk drive or 75GB available disk space
Fast Ethernet network adapter 10/100/1000 (Gigabit LAN)
Redundant hard drive for main computer or external hard drive that can be moved offsite
Minimum Specs 8GB system memory
256GB hard disk drive or 75GB available disk space Ethernet network adapter
USB 2.0 or 3.0

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Recommended Models

MicroBiz for Windows Retail POS. Single User License. Technical Support Not Included.
For 1st Register.
MicroBiz for Windows Retail POS. Four User License. Technical Support Not Included.
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MicroBiz for Windows Retail POS Annual Support & Software Update. 1 Year Subscription.
Yearly Subscription.

Additional Models

MicroBiz for Windows Retail POS. Addtional User License. Add One Additional User to Existing License. Technical Support Not Included.
MicroBiz for Windows Retail POS Quarterly Support & Software Update. Three Month Subscription.
Quarterly Support Plans are not available for First Time Subscribers — You must first purchase an Annual Support Plan before you are able to convert to a Quarterly Plan.