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POS 2009 POS Software

The Microsoft POS 2009 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the CAP Software Cash N Carry.

Microsoft Point of Sale 2009 combines advanced data management with a familiar and user friendly interface to give your business a powerful and quick method for tracking sales, inventory, and more. POS 2009 has been designed to give every employee the best experience possible with role-based functionality. Function buttons, display layout, and even accommodations for left or right-handed employees can be configured, drastically cutting the time necessary to train employees. To further aid the training experience, Point of Sale 2009 matches the look and feel of familiar Microsoft Products such as Office and Windows Vista.

Designed with compatibility in mind, POS 2009 can share data with existing Microsoft business products, giving you greater control over advanced reporting. Integration with Microsoft Word & Excel allow for familiar reporting tools, freeing you from predefined templates that come with other point of sale applications.

Inventory management in POS 2009 is incredibly robust yet easy to use. Powered by Microsoft SQL, Server Reporting Services make it easy to create easy to use reports on the fly. Export options to Excel or Adobe ensure compatibility for whomever receives your reports. Reorder points and replenishment orders can be automated, allowing for precision scheduling and minimizing excess stock in inventory at your business.

OPOS-compatible hardware is supported by Microsoft POS 2009, giving you a wide breadth of potential configurations. For added features, such as multi-channel, mobility, or other retail applications, Microsoft provides an SDK for extended development.

    Hardware Requirements Server/Main Computer
  • Windows XP Home (1-2 terminals)
  • Windows XP Pro (3+ terminals)
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 processor or better
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB HD space
  • External storage for backups

    Additional Workstations
  • Windows XP Home
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 processor or better
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 GB HD space

Microsoft POS 2009 Support Modules

There are multiple service plans available for Microsoft POS 2009: Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP), Business Ready Advantage Plan (BRAP), and Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan (BRAP+). These are the differences between each level of software:

Service Plans for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS
Service Plan Features Business Ready Enhancement Plan Business Ready Advantage Plan Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan
Product Releases**, Service Packs, Hot Fixes, and Tax and Regulatory Updates Green Marker Green Marker Green Marker
CustomerSource Access Green Marker Green Marker Green Marker
Knowledge Base Green Marker Green Marker Green Marker
Unlimited Online Training Green Marker Green Marker Green Marker
Transition Investment Credits Green Marker Green Marker Green Marker
Protected List Price Green Marker Green Marker Green Marker
Support Incidents 3 Hour
Response time based on severity of issue
(Usually 2-8 hours)
24x7 Problem Resolution Support Severity A Cases***
Managed Forums Green Marker Green Marker

Payment Processing for Microsoft POS 2009

Microsoft POS 2009 integrates with Mercury Payment Systems for credit, debit, PIN debit, and gift card payments. In order to take advantage of this convenient integrated payment processing users are required to setup a merchant account with Mercury Payments. To process debit you will need one of two payment terminals, the Ingenico i6550 or the Verifone 1000SE with Mercury Encryption. Both payment terminals are listed under "Accessories" and include encryption as well as the requisite cable.

Product Specifications
Minimum Processor 1 GHz Pentium 4 or Better
Minimum RAM 1 GB
Minimum Hard Disk 20 GB
Minimum Operating System Windows XP Home (1-2 terminals), Windows XP Pro (3+ terminals)
Minimum Display Resolution 1024 x 768
Credit/Debit Processing Integrated
Finance Software Compatibility QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP
Employee Access Control Adjustable On Individual Employee Basis
Employee Scheduling Yes
Employee Time Clock Yes
Inventory Management Tracks Automatically By Sale
Can Set Reorder Points, Automatically Create Purchase Orders
Mobile Compatibility Supported Via Third Party Software (New West)
Customer Loyalty / Tracking Tracks Customer Contact and Purchase Info
Tax Levels Unlimited
Customer Displays Supported Via OPOS
OPOS Support Yes
Label Printing Built-in
Report Support Employee Performance Reports
Sales Reports
Number of Stations 1 to 1500+
Multi-Store Support Not Available
Consignment Support Not Available
Database Type MS SQL Server Express, MS SQL Server 2008
Layaway Support Not Available
Rental Support Not Available
Sales Commission Support Yes

Microsoft POS 2009 Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Microsoft POS 2009 is remarkably powerful retail software. Using the MSSQL database engine, POS 2009 provides tremendous scalability, as seen by the potential 1500+ lane deployment. We like that POS 2009 can be custom tailored for individual employee use, ensuring they only have access to the tools and functions you want.

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