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PC America Cash Register Express

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Cash Register Express Features
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Cash Register Express POS Software

Cash Register Express has discontinued sale of their perpetual licenses. Only monthly subscriptions are available now. All monthly subscriptions require a 36-month contract.

PCAmerica Authorized Reseller

PC America Cash Register Express (CRE) retail software provides a versatile and adaptable solution for a wide variety of retail businesses. From single convenience stores to large scale chains, CRE has the tools necessary to save you time and money. CRE's SQL-driven database provides advanced and automated tracking of inventory values, employee hours, sales reporting, and more, allowing you to focus on customer service instead of clerical work.

Ideal for single-station point of sale, CRE offers the main features needed for day-to-day retail operations. Employee tracking allows you easier staff management, including time punches and multiple cash drawer support. Back office functions, including QuickBooks integration (CRE Enterprise Version Only), inventory/management reports, and financial summaries, speed after hours reporting giving you the most pertinent information on which to make sound business decisions. In addition, with your current service contract, PC America offers OnCloud portal that allows you to view your sales on your mobile device.

For franchise or multi store users, Cash Register Express Enterprise version would be the optimal choice. Enterprise offers robust reporting needed to effectively and easily managing multiple locations as well as inventory management that can track inventory movement chain wide.

Now added on to every license purchase is SaaSurance! SaaSurance provides software upgrades and updates along with bug fixes so your software always meets the ever changing security requirements. You will be billed $20 every month for this service if you do not have a current technical support contract. Cash Register Express has informed us, that if you should decline SaaSurance with the $20/month charge, you must purchase a new PC America Cash Register Express license in order to get future software updates. SaaSurance is not technical support. For the best care and performance of your software license we will always suggest a Technical Support contract that can be billed annually or monthly. Technical Support contracts offer you SaaSurance, 24/7 software technical support as well as all software updates, bug fixes and upgrades. For more information please see "What is SaaSurance for PC America's Cash Register Express Retail Software?" in our FAQ tab.

CRE Monthly Support Contract subscriptions are now available. Please note that all subscriptions require a 36 month commitment and will be automatically billed monthly. If you cancel your monthly support contract before 36 months, you will be ineligible to purchase another monthly contract, and only able to purchase an annual contract.

Detailed Cash Register Express Features Chart
  • Quick item look up
  • Employee time clock
  • Fast credit, debit, and gift card processing
  • Create purchase orders for inventory items
  • Sale, bulk, and mix-n-match price settings
  • Ability to suspend transaction to process another
  • Customer Loyalty Tracking Features
  • Multiple checkout station integration with purchase of additional licenses
  • Rental Features, including rental history, due dates and reporting
  • Basic Inventory* - Mobile Inventory App and compatible mobile computer required - see CREBASIC-INVKIT in Accessories
    Recommended Desktop PC System Requirements:
  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Pro
  • Intel Core 2 Duo / 2.93 GHz Processor (or equivalent or faster)
  • 2GB of RAM

Note: PC America offers 30 days of support. An additional support contract is available. Please See Accessories For Options

Demo Note: To Log In to Demo Version: Cashier ID:01 Password: admin

    Is Cash Register Express EMV Ready?
    Yes, although you must have a Heartland Credit Card Processing Account as they are the only merchant services provider that PC America has integrated into their software at this time.

    You can be EMV compliant without integration with your software if you purchase a stand-alone EMV Ready payment terminal found here POSGuys Payment Terminals.

Recurring Monthly Billing. Please see Options for pricing.

Product Specifications
Minimum Processor 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron Processor
Minimum RAM 512 MB RAM
Minimum Hard Disk 2 GB
Minimum Operating System Windows XP Home, XP Pro, Vista
Minimum Display Resolution 1024 x 768
Credit/Debit Processing Via ICVerify
Finance Software Compatibility QuickBooks Integration - CRE Enterprise Only
Employee Access Control Yes, Based on Job Codes
Employee Scheduling Yes
Employee Time Clock Yes
Inventory Management Tracks Automatically By Sale
Can Set Reorder Points, Automatically Create Purchase Orders
Mobile Compatibility Only Available in Pro
Customer Loyalty / Tracking Only Available in Pro
Customer Displays Supported Both Line Displays and LCD Displays
OPOS Support Yes
Label Printing Via Barcode Express Printing Module
Report Support Detailed Inventory and Sales Reports
Number of Stations Lite: 1
Pro: Unlimited
Multi-Store Support Only Available in Pro
Consignment Support Not Available
Database Type MS SQL Express 2008
Rental Support Only Available in Pro
Sales Commission Support Only Available in Pro

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Recommended Models

Cash Register Express Enterprise Monthly Subscription BUNDLE. Single Station License, Includes Single Station License, PC America 24/7 Support, Software Upgrades, and Mobile Inventory License. Save $90/Month with Bundle. Monthly Recurring Purchase
$110 / mo
Cash Register Express Monthly Subscription, Single Station License, Includes POSGuys Basic Support, Monthly Recurring Purchase
$90 / mo
Billing Option:Recurring Monthly Payment

Additional Models

Monthly pcAmerica Software Subscription, no technical support. *Requires Monthly Payments
Requires Monthly Payments. 36 Month Contract Required by PC America.
$60 / mo
Billing Option:Monthly
Monthly Technical Support Contract Subscription, Single Station Only, for pcAmerica Software, Includes Support and Upgrades
Monthly Payments Required. 36 Month Contract.
$59 / mo
Billing Option:Monthly
Options:Single Station
Form Factor:Technical Support
Monthly Technical Support Contract Subscription, Full Location (2+ Stations), for pcAmerica Software, Includes Support and Upgrades.
Requires Monthly Payments. 36 Month Contract
$80 / mo
Billing Option:Monthly
Options:Multi Station
Form Factor:Technical Support


Cash Register Express Printed User Manual (See product downloads for pdf version.)
Stand Alone EMV Terminal - Does not interact with Software, Terminal/Printer/PIN - Requires Key Injection to Process Credit or Debit Transactions. Please call for more information.
SaaSurance Software Upgrade and Updates, Billed at $20 Each Month, Single Station, Provides enhancements and bug fixes ONLY, ***Please note, if SaaSurance is cancelled, A Full Priced Software License Must be Purchased for Any Software Upgrades/Updates***
Mobile Inventory App for Android/iOS and CRE. Pricing Per Month. Replaced Pocket Inventory. Does not Include Mobile Computer. Per Location.
Mobile Manager App for CRE. Allows for remote store monitoring. Uses a Browser or App. Pricing Per Month.
Cash Register Express basic training. 60 minute online introduction to CRE and 30 minute Q&A session. Requires high speed internet connection. Must schedule session with support
Cash Register Express Database Transfer Service. For New Customers Looking to Move Their Non-Cash Register Express Database to Cash Register Express. Requires Purchase of a Monthly Software License. (Pricing Subject to Change Depending on Your Software & Database Size. Please Call for More Information)
Please Call Add to Cart
POSGuys Software Support Incident Package. Technical Support for Five Separate Incidents. Please Note: Support is Provided Over the Phone or Via a Remote Connection. Does not include software version upgrades or training. Some Restrictions Apply. Please Call Us For More Information.

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