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Proxis Store Manager Classic

Store Manager Classic POS Software

Store Manager Classic Point-of-Sale for Windows transforms a PC into a powerful point-of-sale cash register for retail sales, service, and rental businesses. No limitations are placed on the number of products that can be stored in the system. Store Manager Classic Point-of-Sale works with or without bar code equipment.

During the basic transaction, product codes are entered or scanned into the transaction and the screen instantly displays the quantity, price, and product description. When completed, the transaction is totaled, sales tax is applied, change is computed, the cash drawer is opened, a receipt is printed, and inventory and sales records are updated. Many options are available to the cashier during a transaction making Store Manager Classic a complete and powerful point-of-sale system.

The system is divided into four functional areas:

  • The Store Manager Cash Register: Cash register for day to day operations and sales.
  • The Store Manager Office: Handles system setup options, accesses data stored by the system, provides sales and inventory reports, AR, Pos, and many other functions.
  • Code Name: Zebra Bar Code Printing: Print bar code labels using your desktop printer
  • Store Manager Data Integrator: Provides support & integration for portable data collector files and other external files.

Proxis Store Manager comes with 45 days FREE tech support and upgrades.

Credit card processing integration available with X-Charge. All software sales are final.

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Product Specifications
Minimum Processor 1 GHz Pentium
Minimum RAM 64 MB
Minimum Hard Disk 100 MB
Minimum Operating System Windows 98, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro
Minimum Display Resolution 800 x 600
Credit/Debit Processing Available through X-Charge
Finance Software Compatibility Can Export to QuickBooks
Employee Access Control Up to 99 different levels
Employee Scheduling Not Available
Employee Time Clock Yes
Inventory Management Via Back Office App
Tracks Automatically By Sale
Can Set Reorder Points, Automatically Create Purchase Orders
Track Items By Serial
Track Layaways
Mobile Compatibility Supported Via Cipherlab 8000
Customer Loyalty / Tracking Tracks Customer Contact and Purchase Info
Allows Discount Levels by Customer
Tax Levels 3
Customer Displays Supported Yes
OPOS Support Not Available
Label Printing Yes, Via Included CNZebra App
Report Support Sales/Customer Reporting
End of Day/Month/Year Reporting
SQL Query Support
Number of Stations Only Limited By Operating System
Multi-Store Support Not Available
Consignment Support Yes
Database Type Access (Microsoft JET Engine)
Layaway Support Yes
Rental Support Yes
Sales Commission Support Yes
Frequently Asked Question
How do I perform a layaway transaction in Store Manager classic?
I am having problems generating the quick books export file. I get an "20477 Invalid File Name". How can I export the file?
How do I install the Store Manager POS database on a network drive?
The data integrator in Proxis Stock Manager is not functioning correctly and is not uploading my data. How can I fix this?
How do I configure my POS-X XP8200 pole display (customer display) to work with Proxis Store Manager Classic?
I am receiving errors in Store Manager Register and the software closes when accessing product details for some items. How can I fix this?
When processing returns in Cash Register (Actions > Sales Return), F7, F8, and F9 are grayed out (not available). How can I fix this?
What do I do if I get an error 70 message when processing credit cards?
Why is my sales tax not being applied?
How do I backup my database / move my inventory to another location for Store Manager Classic?
When opening Databases in Store Manager Office nothing happens. The computer appears to freeze and the Store Manager Office screen does not change. How can I fix this?
How can I prevent my register from allowing negative quantities?
How do I change the default amount of cash listed in the drawer at the beginning of the day in Proxis Store Manager?
Why are my daily sales totals the same as my monthly sales totals when viewing the Sales, Cost Profit report in Store Manager Classic?
How do I look up sales totals on a specific date in Store Manager Classic?
How do you enable the check box "apply tax 1 to discounts" in Store Manager Classic?
How can I make the Cash Register ask me if I want identify the customer for Store Manager Classic?
What information can Proxis Store Manager export?
Store Manager Classic gives the message "PC Charge is not running" when trying to process credit cards. How can I fix this?
The Store Manager Classic software will not allow a second copy of the receipt to be printed, and it is giving me an error. How can I fix this?
How to do I setup bottle deposits in Store Manager Classic?
How do I print a detailed report of my product sales in Store Manager Classic?
How do I setup credit limits for my customers in Store Manager Classic?
How do you manually set the transaction number within Proxis Store Manager?
How do I upgrade from Store Manager 4.5 to 4.61?
Can you open a cash drawer in Store Manager, without the printer?
What do I do, if Store Manager gets a ‘Microsoft Jet’ error, and won’t load the database?

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XKI-MVXP20KIT Mobile Inventory Kit (Includes Janam XP20 Scanner, Scanner Software, Desktop Software, Charging/Sync Cable and Power Supply) $1,049.00 Add to Cart

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