Epson DM-D110

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DM-D110 Pole Displays

Clear and easy to read, the large screen and 2-line x 20-column format provide customers with information at a glance. The display panel affords a wide viewing angle, and the head can be freely tilted and swiveled to any angle. The DM-D110 can also be attached directly to Epson printers to save on counter space

The DM-110 features a pass-through function that allows it to control a receipt printer or can be directly connected to the POS computer via the serial interface.

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Product Specifications
Height Approx. 83 - 333 mm
Interface EIA / TIA, RS-232 Serial
Color Options White
Dark Grey
Display Size 5 x 7 dot matrix, 3.5 x 5 mm character size, 20 characters per row (two rows total)
Dual Sided No
Horizontal Rotation 360°

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The Epson DM-110 has the flexibility to run many different software emulations and with pass-through mode enabled, can connect directly to an Epson receipt printer.

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D110 Small Pole Display Base, Color: Dark Gray, Multiple Interfaces Included
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