Epson DM-D110 Review Review

Product: DM-D110
Manufacturer: Epson
Type: Serial Interface
Support: 1 Year warranty through Epson; Lifetime support from POSGuys

The Epson DM-D110 is a versatile pole display for retail locations or counter top restaurants looking for a variable-height customer display.

Typical uses and environments:
The DM-D110 finds greatest use in retail locations, counter-top restaurants, or locations wanting to provide a more accurate and visible representation of what the customer purchases.

DM-D110Unique Features & Advantages:
An advantage the DM-D110 Epson Pole Display has over others is its adjustable height. Available in 5.2” with stand-alone-base or 15.24” with base and extension, the DM-D110 is suitable for a variety of locations, ensuring visibility to the customer in any environment. For extended compatibility, the DM-D110’s firmware can be flashed to match the emulation mode you need, via dip switch modification and included software.
Unlike some other displays, the Epson DM-D110 features a 360 degree rotating head, providing convenience for the customer and the employee as the head can be easily turned to face any direction.

Standard Features:
The Epson DM-D110 comes standard with 2 line x 20 character Vacuum florescent display, rotating head, high speed data transfer, and a deep head that’s easily visible from multiple angles. Typical of the Epson line, the DM-D110 display is available in Epson Cool White or Epson Dark Grey, matching any white or black pre-existing system.

The biggest drawback of the DM-D110 occurs when attempting to change the emulation mode of the pole display. If your point of sale software doesn’t support OPOS or the Epson pole display directly, the DM-D110 may not fully understand the data being sent to it, causing graphical errors and display problems. Unfortunately, changing the emulation mode requires dip switches to be altered on the pole display, then software run on the PC itself to flash the firmware for a new emulation mode. If there are any hiccups in the emulation change process, the Epson DM-D110’s firmware will be corrupted, resulting in a non-functioning pole display.

The adjustable height, 360 degree rotating head, and bright, crisp characters make the Epson DM-D110 an excellent choice for anyone running POS software that supports Epson’s pole display emulation or has OPOS support. We definitely do not recommend this product for people who are unsure of their software’s compatibility with either of those communications methods. If you have concerns, please contact our technical support department and we will be happy to find the best pole display for your needs.

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