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POS-X EVO TP6 Widescreen

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EVO TP6 Widescreen Features
16:9 Ratio
Windows 10
Integrated MSR

EVO TP6 Widescreen POS Computers

The 18.5″ widescreen display increases efficiency by allowing the operator to view more information on a single screen. Full 1080p HD allows for modern design and high quality images, perfect for customer facing use cases.

The EVO TP6 features a 18.5″ Widescreen LCD with TruFlat projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology built to take the rigors of heavy every day use.

A dual hinge base allows for efficient shipping and almost unlimited tilt angels. Built-in VESA mounting extends the versatility of the platform to any wall mount installation.

A fan-less design provides a sleek, clean look, and silent operation. No vent openings mean better protected internals from dust and water reaching an IP54 ingress protection rating.

POS-X EVO TP6 Widescreen Reviews

POSGuys Rating:

Very well built unit, the mostly metal design has a very premium feel to it, the dual hinge allows great flexibility when setting up the computer for a perfect angle, and the true flat display is really responsive and easy to keep clean. If your software can take advantage of the wide screen display ratio this is a really nice option over a standard 4:3 display.

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Integrated fingerprint reader for EVO-TP6 (Previously EVO-BR6)
Mounting bracket only for ID Tech Augusta reader for the EVO-TP6 (Old POS-X part number EVO-EMV6-AUG1)
Integrated 2 x 20 LCM customer display for EVO TP6. (Old POS-X part number EVO-RD6-LCM)
Power supply for EVO-TP4x-A/B, ION-TP5 with printer (90W, 4pin), TP6 (Pentium, i3, or i5 Processor) (Old POS-X part number EVO-TP4-POWER)
10.1" LCD Rear Display for TP6

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