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Cash Register Infromation

Every retailer wants to create higher profit margins, prevent shrinkage, and maximize business growth. Although your old electronic cash register might work just fine for you right now, can it really help you manage, expand, and grow your business?

Our POSGuys.com point of sale cash registers excel where traditional cash registers fail. With a POSGuys.com retail point of sale system you'll have full control of your inventory levels, customizable sales reporting and fast, barcode-scanning checkout. Low inventory level reports make reordering a snap and our mobile inventory kits make physical counting quick and accurate, improving productivity and decreasing downtime.

For stores with multiple cash registers, a point of sale system really makes sense. You'll be able to network your registers together and add other POS cash registers as your business grows.

While a manual cash register provides the basics, wouldn't your customers be happier with a fast, streamlined checkout experience? The less time customers spend in line at the cash register, the happier they'll be. For more information on integrated point of sale cash register systems, please contact our sales staff at 1-800-903-6571.

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