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Honeywell POS Information

Honeywell's acquisition of Handheld Products (HHP) and Metrologic has resulted in the creation of Honeywell Advanced Imaging and Data Capture (AIDC). These barcode scanners, mobile computers, and POS scales are premier products which will give your business many years of efficiency and excellence.

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility covers a wide variety of barcode scanners and mobile computers:
  1. Handheld Laser Barcode Scanners
  2. Handheld 1D Imagers
  3. Handheld 2D Imagers
  4. Hands-free Barcode Scanners
  5. In-counter Barcode Scanner / Scale Combinations
  6. Mobile Computers and Portable Data Terminals

Handheld Laser Barcode Scanners:
Honeywell's lineup of handheld laser barcode scanners feature products from Metrologic, including the Voyager, VoyagerGS, VoyagerBT, and Fusion. These barcode scanners are excellent for retail, hospitality, and health care environments.

Handheld 1D Imagers:
The handheld 1D imager, or CCD barcode scanner, lineup from Honeywell uses the Adaptus imaging technology to scan even damaged barcodes quickly and efficiently. Top barcode scanners within this group are the 3800g, 3820, and 3800i barcode scanners.

Handheld 2D Imagers:
Honeywell's 2D Imagers come with either Adaptus imaging technology or FirstFlash scanning technology. The Adaptus technology provides aggressive reading and is featured in the barcode scanners that were previously with HHP, such as the 4600g and 4600i. FirstFlash technology is utilized in the Focus and FocusBT, formerly of Metrologic, and provides composite scanning of damaged 1D barcodes. EasyID allows the Focus and FocusBT to parse data encoded on driver's licenses, making data entry quick and error-free.

Hands-free Barcode Scanners:
The hands-free barcode scanner line are aggressive, easy to setup, and easy to configure. The flagship MS7820 Solaris reads at a fast 1,800 scans per second, easily keeping up with the fastest of retail locations. Other hands-free scanners include the Orbit, QuantumT, and Genesis.

In-Counter Barcode Scanner / Scale Combinations:
Ideal for grocery stores and other high volume retail locations, Honeywell's in-counter barcode scanners and scanner / scale combinations are built with tank-like durability, aggressive scanning, and precise weighing. The Horizon, Stratos, StratosE, and StratosH lines round out barcode scanner / scales.

Mobile Computers and Portable Data Terminals:
Like the handheld 2D imagers, Honeywell's mobile computers utilize Adaptus imaging technology as well as Metrologic's 2D imaging capabilities, giving you a wide variety of choices to meet your mobile data collection needs. Featured products include the ScanPal2, OptimusS, OptimusPDA, and Dolphin lines.

The Honeywell lineup provides a solution for every situation. If you have questions or want clarification on any of the products, our excellent sales staff can provide you with great service. 1-800-903-6571. Call today!