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Information on POS Terminals

A POS terminal cash register is the control center of any retail operation. PC-based POS terminals provide customizable sales reporting, multi-terminal networking, complete inventory tracking and custom inventory reporting.

PC POS terminals can be ordered three ways:

  1. Hardware only (customer configures)
  2. Hardware packaged with uninstalled software
  3. Hardware and software pre-configured and pre-installed

A great choice for option three are our POSGuys.com POS terminals. The hardware and software is pre-loaded, pre-configured and ready to go out of the box, removing the guesswork and technical hassles. All POSGuys.com Complete POS Systems include free technical support and an unbeatable warranty.

One of the great aspects of multiple networked POS terminals is the ability to use a shared Internet connection to process credit cards from each station. Traditional POS credit card terminals are expensive, usually require their own dial up phone line, and cannot interface with multiple point-of-sale registers. A more affordable option is Internet credit card processing. Internet credit card processing has better rates, typically takes about 3 seconds to run a card and can be used by an entire network of POS terminals. Internet credit card processing will reduce costs and save your customers time at the register.

POSGuys.com also carries POS software that will connect your POS terminal to other terminals at separate locations using what's called a data polling utility. Knowing what your stores are doing remotely and checking on inventory at separate locations is the main benefit of this type of setup, however, it requires a high-speed internet connection such as Cable, DSL, or T-1.

Whether you are purchasing a replacement for an existing POS terminal or a new POS system, let POSGuys' trained sales team help you consider all the options. Call 1-800-903-6571 for assistance today.

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