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Information on Zebra Label Printers

Zebra label printers lead the market in popularity, price, quality, and media selection. If you're looking for a Zebra label printer, POSGuys offers great advice and significant savings on various Zebra label printer models. Our buying power creates value for our customers in the form of lower prices.

A Zebra label printer is a dedicated barcode label printer designed to print barcodes onto a variety of different Zebra media. We carry three types of Zebra thermal label printers:

Direct thermal printers work by warming up heat-sensitive paper, creating the barcode image on the label. Thermal transfer printers require a wax or resin ribbon; the printhead mechanism melts the ribbon onto the label stock, forming the image. Thermal transfer/ direct thermal combination printers can use either mode to print barcode labels, offering flexibility for industrial environments where conditions warrant both types of labels.

Some Zebra label printers offer both direct thermal and thermal transfer methods built into the same unit. Thermal transfer labels last longer and are ideal for outdoor applications, while the direct thermal method is an economical choice for printing shipping labels.

A Zebra barcode label printer is a great investment. They are sturdy and durable, easy to configure and reload, are priced for a variety of budgets. For connectivity with your existing hardware, Zebra printers are available with choice of serial, USB, or parallel interfaces. A Zebra label printer with a serial interface requires a special Zebra serial cable.

Whether you're looking for an industrial or desktop Zebra label printer, POSGuys offer the full line of Zebra printers and supplies. Please contact our sales team at 1-800-903-6571 for specific media needs, as we carry label and barcode printer supplies that may not be listed on the website.