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Plain Paper Receipt Paper & Ribbons

Standard receipt paper for printers listed below. Each case contains 50 rolls though select packages of 10 are available as well. For printers not listed, please call 800.903.6571.

All receipt paper sales are final.

Single rolls may be available for sale. Please call 1.800.903.6571 or email [email protected] for further details.

    Plain Printer Paper
  • Perfect for impact printers.
  • Plain paper is not heat sensitive and will not work with thermal receipt printers
  • Perfect for kitchen printers like the Epson TM-U220 or POS-X EVO Impact
Product Specifications
Color Options White
Media Type Plain Paper (not heat sensitive)
Return Policy All receipt paper sales are final.

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Product Video Transcript

Receipt Paper Basics Video

Hi it's Camille with Today we're taking a look at some of our more popular receipt paper. We offer a variety of selections. We have thermal paper for your standard retail receipt printers, plain paper for kitchen impact printers. We also carry mobile receipt paper and a variety of other options. To start off we're going to take a look at the Impact Receipt Paper. We have two of our most common here. This is the XWP-i16S -10 if you want it in the ten pack. Or you can get it in the case as well which is 50 rolls. This, is also known as 1013 so if you have part number 1013 this is also the same thing.

This one is XWP-2P90 and is also available in 10 packs and cases of 50. They're both 3 inches wide and can be used in your older impact printers or in your kitchen printers where heat can be a problem. Impact receipt paper is not going to be affected by heat which makes it really great for kitchens. This one that I am holding in my hand now is two ply so you can see that it has one layer of white and one layer of yellow and that is so when you mark on the receipt it makes a copy for you. And you can see that it transferred through without any carbon between there which keeps things a bit cleaner. Standard one ply paper is exactly what it sounds like. One piece of plain, white, paper. As far as compatibility for specific printers goes they'll work probably with about 95% of the impact printers out there. For example POS-X XR210 the Epson U200 or U230. Um, there are other printers that are multi-function POS which sometimes require a heavier bond than what we're showing right here, it'd be a little bit thicker. The Epson U375 or Epson U325 are good examples of that.

Now looking at our thermal paper we have quite a few options available. Here today we have the standard thermal paper used in the US. It's a little bit thinner 48gram weight, XWP-T220 is the part number. Then there is a little bit heavier which is typically used in Canada, they don't have to, but it's more common there. You could use it here if you want, it's personal preference whether you want the standard weight or a little bit thicker. Part number on the Canadian standard receipt paper is XWP-55T220. And then finally here you can see that I have some smaller receipt printer rolls. These are for mobile printers like the Star Micronics SM-S300. The part number on it is 37962170. These little guys come in handy because if you tried to put a full receipt, a full roll of receipt paper into a smaller printer it wouldn't fit and so you'd have to manually pull off half of your roll just to get your mobile receipt printer to work. Thermal paper isn't recommended for use in kitchens specifically because the printhead on a thermal receipt printer uses heat to change the color on the paper. So you can see this as an example I'm going to use my finger to create friction and heat on the paper. So it shows up with a strong dark mark right away. If this were to be sitting underneath a heatlamp for example it would turn the paper black and you'd have no record of what was supposed to be on the order.

So this was just an overview of our most popular receipt paper. We are not limited to just these kinds of receipt paper if you have specific requirements in your printer's manual, contact us we'll help you locate what you need. There are one-ply, two-ply, even three-ply plain impact printer papers so we can help you find three-ply if you need that. For thermal there are multi-color thermal papers out there in a variety of different colors. Give us a call if you need something like that. A couple words of advice, first off, if you accidentally ordered plain paper for your thermal printer it will print out blank. So if you are printing and nothing is showing up you might have accidentally gotten the wrong kind of paper. And you can test that by just scratching your nail... oops... Scratching your nail along the paper and if a mark shows up than that is thermal but this is plain so there is no mark. But if you used a thermal roll you get a nice dark line. So thermal printer needs thermal paper. The other thing that happens with thermal paper, not to worry about it, when we ship it, when anybody ships it, it gets a little scuffed up in the box from the friction marks. Don't worry, it's only the first six inches or so of the roll and all the rest of the roll should be fine. So if you need anymore help with finding the right receipt printer or you're not sure what your printer needs just give us a call or contact us at