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Sticky/Linerless Receipt Paper

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Sticky/Linerless Receipt Paper Receipt Paper & Ribbons

Linerless sticky media consists of two products in one, receipt paper and a linerless pressure-sensitive label, and provides a solution to efficiently label, identify and track goods all in one product.

We offer paper in a variety of width sizes, tack levels, and lengths to meet any use case.

Integrating sticky media into your operation comes with a host of benefits. It costs the same as, or less than, common labeling methods, you'll have less printer maintenance and extends the cutter life by 67% because the printer cuts through paper, not adhesive (when compared to using a die-cut label), and it improves your environmental impact. To give you an idea of what kind of benefit it could provide: a restaurant serving 150 orders per day could save $1,600 per store, per year on average. Call us if you have any questions on using this paper with your printer.

You must use a re-stick printer with hard rollers

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