Epson TM-T70

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TM-T70 Receipt Printer

The Epson TM-T70 has reached end of life. It has been replaced by the Epson TM-T70II.

The Epson TM-T70 receipt printer's low profile and all-front access makes it ideal for under counter mounting, saving space and giving your counter a cleaner look. The 4.49" height ensures under counter mounting won't impede employee access or movement. The front loading and printing gives the TM-T70 increased resistance to spills, ideal for bars, restaurants, or any rough retail environment.

At 6.69" per second, the TM-T70 prints fast enough to keep operations moving smoothly. Epson designed the TM-T70 with longevity in mind, with a mean time between failure of 360,000 hours and an auto cutter rated at 1.5 million cuts. When combined with the 2 year warranty, the Epson TM-T70 becomes a safe choice for any retailer looking to avoid clutter on their counter.

• USB, RS-232 Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, and 802.11b Wireless interfaces available
• Interface can be swapped for added compatibility
• Sealed top for greater spill resistance
• 6.69" per second print speed
Product Specifications
Dimensions 4.92W x 7.64D x 4.49D in. (125 x 194 x 114mm))
Weight 3.97 lb (1.8 kg)
Color Options White, Dark Grey
Interface RS-232, RS-485, Parallel, USB, Ethernet 10 Base – 100 Base TX, IEEE 802.11b
Print Method Thermal line printing
Print Speed 6.69 in/sec (170 mm/sec)
Print Resolution 180 dpi (dots per inch)
Character Set 95 Character Alphanumeric, 48 Character International, 128 x 11 Pages Graphic
Barcodes Supported 6 one-dimensional, 2 two-dimensional
Graphics Printing Yes
Data / Logo Storage 4K bytes (45 bytes) Data Buffer
MCBF 52,000,000 lines
Auto Cutter Lifespan 1.5 million cuts
Paper Dimensions Roll paper: 79.5 ± 0.5 (W) × dia. 83.0 mm (3.13" x 3.27")
Two Color Printing Capabilities No
Sensors Status LED lights
Auto Cutter Yes
Wall Mountable No

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TM-T70 Connector Cover, Cool White
TM-T70 Connector Cover, Dark Grey
TM-T70 Under Counter Mounting Kit
TM-T70 Spare in the Air Contract, 2 Years, Applies to TM-T70 With Ethernet Interface
TM-T70 Spare in the Air Contract, 3 Years, Applies to TM-T70 With Ethernet Interface
Power Supply, Epson, PS-180 Energy Star Rated, 120/220V, General Power Supply For all Epson Printers
6-Foot Null Modem Serial Printer Cable (9 to 25 pin): Beige
6 Foot USB Printer Cable: Black, A to B
6-Foot USB 2.0 Cable: White, A to B
6-Foot Parallel Printer Cable, DB25M/CENT36M, Beige
1-Year Extended Care for Epson TM-T, TM-L, and DM Series
2-Year Extended Care for Epson TM-T, TM-L, and DM Series

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