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Long Range Systems Coaster Guest Pagers

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Coaster Guest Pagers Restaurant Pagers

This product replaces the older Long Range Systems Lobster Guest Pagers.

LRS Guest Pagers are a great way to maximize customer throughput at your restaurant. Rather than have a logjam of customers at your host's desk, each waiting party receives a pager to discretely let them know when their table is ready. Not only do you minimize crowds in your waiting area, but you also eliminate the headache of shouting names over a busy crowd, mispronouncing names, or the wrong party being seated. These pagers are in the standard coaster shape in a variety of colors.

The newest pager to the family is the Guest Pager Pro. As the most advanced LRS pager, the Guest Pager Pro offers a digitally displayed number you can update when needed, a variety of brightly illuminated LED light colors and a vibration that can be set in various notification modes like flash, glow, and continuous. The latest Guest Pager Pros are fully compatible and stackable with previous LRS Coaster pager models.

• NiMH batteries last for years with no "memory" problems
• Charges via stackable charger system
• 3/4 mile range
• Anti-theft systems available
• Pager stations compatible with multiple LRS pager designs

This product requires a transmitter
Long Range Transmitter
Product Specifications
Color Options Grey, Green, Blue
Range 3/4 mile
Battery Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
Programmability Onsite reprogrammability - optional programming charger needed
Indicators Vibration, flash, beep, and glow alert modes
Shape Coaster
Dimensions 4W x 4L x .75H in.
Warranty 90 Days

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Recommended Models

Long Range Systems, Single Coaster Pager w/5 LED Colors (Red, Blue, Green, Ice, and Rainbow) (Non-Returnable)
Single Coaster Pager, Smoked Grey, 467.750 MHz Range - Non-Programmable (Non-Returnable)

Additional Models

Long Range Systems 15-Coaster Kit: Includes 1 TX-9560MT Transmitter, 15 CS7 COASTERS (# 1-15, ID 9) 1 Coaster Charger (99-0043), and 2 Power Supplies.
$1486.00 Add to Cart
Additional Coaster Kit: Includes 5 CS7 COASTERS (#6-10, ID 9), 1 99-0043 Coaster Charger, and 1 A6-0011 Jumper Wire (to link chargers for simultaneous charging)


Coaster Charger, 15 Coaster Capacity, Includes Power Supply
Coaster Charger, 30 Coaster Capacity, Includes Power Supply

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