IDTech Econoscan Review

ID Tech EconoScan
Product: EconoScan
Manufacturer: ID Tech
Type: Entry Level
Capture Method: CCD
Support: One year manufacturer warranty and
POSGuys lifetime support

The ID Tech EconoScan is an economy-level, CCD barcode scanner that is designed to be a quality scanner at an economical price. It has a rugged style and is lightweight for long periods of use.

Typical uses and environments:
The EconoScan is a decent scanner that performs best in low volume retail applications with high contrast barcodes printed on flat surfaces. It has above average resistance to light for entry-level scanners thanks to its long hood, used for blocking out most of the light. The strength of the scanner lies in its durability, with no moving parts and simple design, it can take quite a beating and still function without fail.

Unique Features & Advantages:
Scanning the set-up bar codes in the user’s manual makes for easy, one-time programming. For non-contact environments, or for larger bar codes, the EconoScan can read bar codes of up to 2.5 inches in length at a distance of 1.5 inches.
The EconoScan has removable cables, which is very helpful if the cord needs replacing. To remove the cable, stick a pin or paperclip end into the hole near the cable to push on the clasp of the cable to get it to release.
A recessed lens is what makes it possible for the EconoScan to scan barcodes from direct contact. The hood of the scanner allows the beam to fall on the desired barcode and helps shade some of the light.
An optional stand is available as an accessory with the EconoScan that is exceptionally durable. While in the stand, the scanner can be set in a continuous mode which supplies a means to hands-free scanning. Once in continuous mode, the beam will not turn off and it will scan without having to push the trigger. However the EconoScan has a limited scan engine meaning that you’ll have to bring the item quite close to the scanner to get a read.
Additionally, it has a long cable which makes it convenient for movement. Also if desired the scan tone can be re-programmed to change the pitch.

Id Tech EconoScanStandard Features:
To ease the installation process, the ID Tech comes assembled with everything you need in one box. The cable is attached and a manual is included to assist in any extra configuration preferences.
The body is all one color, available in either black or gray, with two different materials used. The secondary material is for the light that is on the head of the scanner to signify when the trigger is being pulled and when there is a successful scan. The light is red when the trigger is pulled, and it flashes green when a scan has been completed. The ID Tech logo is on the front of the scanner with a large sticker. In addition, a rubber foot on the heel of the scanner protects the surface on which it sits.
The EconoScan’s tone is very soft and quick. It is just loud enough to hear it over a crowd, but soft enough that it would not become wearing after numerous uses.

The ID Tech EconoScan has a few minor drawbacks, including a slightly irksome beep when it is first connected with the computer. After the initial beep, the tone becomes more pleasant with a softer sound.
The simple button trigger is not that comfortable since it provides minimal bounce and is flat with little shape.

Performance Testing:
In testing the ID Tech EconoScan’s capabilities, we ran it through a set of tests involving optimal scan range, ability to scan wide barcodes, dense barcodes, light resistance, and a general drop test to determine durability. Our testing determined the scanner to fall in line with its class for the most part and it exceeded expectations in durability.
The EconoScan read barcodes accurately from contact to roughly 1.5 inches. It did very well with standard size barcodes and was able to scan most of our damaged barcodes. We used a spot light to emulate outdoor lighting and we calculated the brightness resistance to be 7709w/mP2P, meaning it works well indoors under most lighting conditions, but could start to struggle once used outdoors in direct sun. Reading the barcodes from contact prevents a lot of the light to penetrate the barcode, providing a better read.
The biggest asset to the EconoScan is how well it performed in durability testing. After dropping it ten times from six feet to concrete, there was minimal visible damage. The hood was slightly cracked along the edge and hardly scuffed. Then after it was dropped five times from 13 feet, it still worked wonderfully. It had some scratches on the top. For good measure we gave it an additional throw across the room, but it still scanned without any problems.
During testing, it was evident that the EconoScan struggled with barcodes over 7 cm wide. Under standard conditions in low volume retail, most barcodes will be less than 7cm wide; well within the EconoScan’s capacity. It was also apparent that the EconoScan did not do well with curved barcodes.

A breakdown of the ID Tech Econoscan capabilities is listed in table and graph form below.

Barcode Scanner Performance Testing Chart
1D Results

Highest Density Barcode Scanned 9mil Average
Widest Barcode Scanned 63.5mm Fair
Shortest Barcode Scanned 38 mm Good
Range Ideal Conditions (Standard 100% UPC-A 0 inches – 1.5 inches Average (for contact scanners)
Scratched Barcode 1 of 3 Fair
Worn Barcode 2 of 3 Average
Warped Barcode 2 of 2 Good
Curved Barcode 0 of 2 Poor
Multiple Barcodes in close proximity Relatively accurate, but dependent on distribution of barcodes relative to thickness of beam Average
Scan through plastic layers 2 Layers Fair
Multicolored Barcodes Successfully Scanned Blue, Gray Fair
Multicolored Barcodes Not Scanned Red, Yellow, Black on Dark Gray Average
Simulated Sunlight Test Correct scans until spotlight was at 1” Great

The ID Tech EconoScan barcode scanner is ideal for a low volume retail setting with standard UPC barcodes printed on flat surfaces. It has limited range and works best as a contact scanner. The EconoScan could be used where there is extra lighting, but is not recommended for direct sunlight. Because of its strong durability, the EconoScan can be used in semi-harsh environments but only ones that don’t require a lot of scan power.

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